Monday, September 15, 2014

Dancing in the Court of Everlasting Justice.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

“ Here comes old flathead he comes sleazing up slowly. He's got Haldeman's eyebrows. He gets head from Foley. He's got slime down to his knees, got to be a Zio cause he do what he please... whatever... whatever” (cue The Pan Fried Ono Band). Cruising about this morning I found this disgusting sop from a program called The Morning Jew, which was being promoted on that Zio-Zine, Raw Story. I don't believe this requires commentary on my part but I suspect some of you will either chuckle or retch, perhaps both, while you read it.

“Materialism is a fire-

Materialism is a grave,

Materialism is a television

on the walls of Plato's cave.

It gets hotter and darker the deeper that you go-

Ah... tell me something I don't know.”

(from the song Materialism by L.V.)

The slathering crocodile Bankers are salivating over the planned carnage in Syria and Iraq. Their front suits are fronting for these moneychangers. Like Pez dispensers or toothpaste tubes they squeeze out endless coils of radioactive weasel shit, which gets spread like pate over the mindscreens of the blind who squirm and moan in their bondage suits. All the straps and cinches are in the right places for maximum sensory stimulus.

We're in one of those, 'when', not 'if' situations but... are we? Where are we exactly? No one knows the answer to that besides the silent watcher and the muleskinner jinns who drive the tumbrils in which the doomed are ferried to their appointment in Sammara. Surely the meaning of the name is ironic. They don't think they're doomed. Evil never sees the truth of its circumstances, obviously.

WAR is on the doorstep but... is it? The harsh truth is that they have no other options. Everything they have constructed is falling apart. They know something is up. Whassup? They're going down, that's what's up.

Once the war machine cranks up; should that occur, the populace will find itself in a state of undeclared martial law. All the basic necessities will be managed and distributed by the government as a means of control. The cities will be nowhere to be once that happens. Whatever happens will happen in the cities. It is only later that anything will spread into the hinterlands. Interwoven and interlocked destinies will be fulfilled as they are meant to be. Those engineering the darkness will be met with a more potent and powerful darkness and those who are magnetized to the process will follow in their wake. It will seem to be the rational and logical course for those so engaged. However... it will be madness, of course. One must be mad to follow the course these unfortunates take and one is also mad, after a different fashion, when one has become capable of seeing through it all.

There are some of us that see what is going on; what happens to us and by whose particular (in each case) intention anything comes about. These are valuable instructions into the nature of others. One is not necessarily compelled to share their insights with the object of their attention. One profits from the knowledge of the dark intentions of others and, outside of what losses one experiences in the process of learning these things, one is afterward protected from recurrent malice at the hands of those possessed of self interest, or simply, under the command of evil or ignorance. These two have a 'Biblical' relationship and let us understand, all those who practice evil are ignorant because otherwise they wouldn't do it. They are ignorant of the consequences, or indifferent, thinking themselves too clever by half to gain a seat in the tumbril. Then there are the exceptional ones; Kissinger, Soros, Rockefeller, The Rothchilds. These are conscious devotees of evil. They do evil for the sheer enjoyment it gives them and they have an understanding (or so they think) with the Prince of Darkness. It could be that some parts of this are true, however, here is one of those situations where being transformed into an angel of light at the 'given' moment has direct and relevant meaning. Once the devil is transformed, so then also is the relationship these monsters enjoy. The Devil is transformed into the district attorney in The Court of Everlasting.

I am now going to discuss one of the most important things ever taken up here. This has to do with how we, or should I say humanis ordinaire (grin) looks right at things and doesn't see them; doesn't see the reality of what they are looking at, doesn't see behind the appearance into the essence of whatever has their attention. This could be an object. It could be a concept. It could be a person. For instance, the teaching construct of Plato, concerning the shadows on the wall of his cave, has a deep and powerful meaning. Many people can glibly converse about it but the power of it is only activated in the visceral brain. I associate the intuition (inner teaching) with the same. What Materialism does, or rather what the ruler of Materialism does is to obscure the visceral brain and also to fixate the self conscious attention upon the trivial, superficial and... mundane. This is how Stupid is manufactured and the evidence of this is ubiquitous.

You MUST have access to the visceral brain. Surely most people might be capable of seeing the value of this force but few indeed see it in its entirety. I compare this to my discovery of the deeper aspects of Lord Ganapati. I always thought he was just a household deity and the deity of business people. I was awestruck when I tumbled to the totality of it. Now... many of us, you included (grin) have some number of things we take for granted and have also convinced ourselves we know the comprehensive meaning of. For years we run around with assumptions and presumptions that are certainly incomplete and often flat out wrong simply for the reason that what we are processing is incomplete in the definition but... we don't take a closer look because... we have already convinced ourselves that we know when we don't.

Having a clear and uncompromised connection to the visceral brain is of infinite value. It will save your ass and more important things too if you have an attentive ear. It will protect you from unfortunate incidents with dishonest people who are more numerous than at any other time simply because of the pre-eminence of Materialism. I include the conscience in the mix too and people bypass that for the sake of expediency and self interest. Hey! Everybody does it. Really? That's not even true. It cannot protect you at those times when it is necessary to gain the fruits of a lesson concerning an incident or person. On the plus side you don't have to keep being Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football once you have assessed it all.

One of our greatest potential protections is to not want anything. This doesn't mean you don't get anything or that you can't want something. It means going about, as a general rule of not wanting anything. This provides an amazing perspective on what is happening around you. Things like this increase your Broad Daylight Awareness and can subsequently free you of the epidemic continuous looping behavior of the masses. The more detachment you gain from this, the freer you are. Some people are going around with that secret smile because they are experiencing this. This is also the source of song, when one may be singing along with ones footsteps through the world. Not having this capacity is a definite indication of one being in bondage. One is in possession of a chained heart. This is what makes Love so valuable. Love frees the heart. That is the first action taken by real love.

What you have read here today is not considered important by many people and can even be seen as a liability for the pursuit of self interest, should one employ and exercise what is contained in the messages expressed here.

Whatever has been hammering on me for months is still hammering on me. It is truly freaky. I don't know what to make of it. It is hitting me with inexplicable economic loss and all sorts of undesirable things. What's interesting is that I am just looking at it. I know it will pass. I just don't know when.

There are things we have taken to mean one thing that means something entirely different and we don't question it cause we already 'know' it. For instance, what do you suppose that red dot on the forehead of those practicing the Hindu religion means? What it means is 'coffee is ready'. I'm betting most of you didn't know that. Godspeed.

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