Thursday, August 21, 2014

Riding on the Grief Train across No Neck Planet

Dog Poet Transmitting......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

There's something (accent on) terribly touching about the merging of the trivial with trivia. When you got two paper thin personalities who are most noted for the tautness of their facial skin, which is made so by the pressure of bullshit, similar to the air in a tire, you've got one of those potential spontaneous combustion relationships. The resonant heat of each, juxtaposed with one another and in proximity to the paper thin skin, can fill one with a certain eager expectation that they will, the both of them, burst into flames due to one of the lesser known laws of physics.

This is an age of epidemic BS proliferation. The only other forces I know of that match it are ignorance, denial and self interest. Talk about your lethal combinations, when you got all of these that is one toxic cocktail. Bottoms up! Literally. That reminds me of a joke. George W. Bush, Binnie the Rat or Hillary Clinton (take your pick, there is a near endless list to pick from) is sent to Hell. The demon whose job it is to fix their location shows them 3 rooms. In the first one People are up to their neck in near liquid dung, provided by a nearby hog lagoon (they got plenty hog lagoons in Hell). In the second one, the people are on bungee cords and every so often they are dropped and fully immersed in the mix for a short moment. In the third room, the people are standing around in it and it comes up to their knees. They are having coffee and chatting. Bush, or whomever says, “I'll take this one.” The demon replies, “Right, in you go!” and as soon as Bush has entered the room he announces, “alright, coffee break is over, back on your heads!”

You might want to be a fly on the wall in order to listen to these two Twitter Twits engage in completely staged playing out of this PR exercise but I must forewarn you, that's going to be one crowded wall.

I see cosmic irony as one of the byproducts that manifest in the wake of Mr. Apocalypse and in that sector you'd have to look hard to find something more appropriate than this. Of course the Zio-owned and controlled media is pulling out all stops so that The Grief Train can steam across the landscape at full speed but... here's the irony, the people who beheaded this journalist are in the employ of the Zionist controlled American government and one wouldn't be reaching if one presumed that this event could well have been set up by the intelligence community for the propaganda value in it. I'm not saying this happened. I'm saying it's certainly in their wheel-house. Furthermore, this journalist is employed by the Zionist media and it's no stretch to see why seeming forces of opposition would engage in this sort of thing. Play it either way.

Are you in the mood for more irony? This should give you a second helping (mind that waistline!) Observe the obvious ploy here that should be evident to those with an IQ over one hundred. Unfortunately, it appears that a significant portion of the population does not come up to this mark. Whatever yellow sheet journalist turned this out, he/she is trying to give the impression that there is a concert of approving voices for the august (dripping with gravitas) Holder. Not only is Holder a proven criminal, he is also a traitor to his country but then, so is everyone he works for too. Given what a fatuous prig he is, this strutting marionette is unlikely to bring much of anything to the table since his usual position is on his knees under the table.

I sometimes stand back in stark awe when I look at people like Holder but then I also stand back in stark awe when I observe the sheared sheep of these end times. You can't get the one without the other.

The saga of Bigbustula has finally come to an end, years after the death of the original supplicant. It's all about the money! It's all about the money! You know... people die every day and they are still chasing the money and it isn't even available, nor is it negotiable where they have gone. It's a form of the hungry ghost phenomena and there are more of them running around than ever. You might liken their state to being in a dream where you are pursuing something but you never acquire it or arrive there. It is a state of perpetual frustration,like a vampire marooned on No Neck Planet.

I try to figure out why it is that people become so completely obsessed here on this temporary plane and ignore the inevitable (and for them it is guaranteed inevitable) reality of their departure from here. They leave with no road map and no idea of that far country. In a certain sense you don't go anywhere when you die. You go where you are at, so your ongoing circumstance mirrors your new location. One might get some idea of the metaphysics by considering the implication of the fact that Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground. You need to arrive where you wish to go before you get there; not to say it doesn't also work out otherwise but this is to say you get a sort of double indemnity. Personally I like the added security of that. Remember, there are guarantors on both sides of the equation. Certain behavior patterns and certain mindsets guarantee certain results. It's a no brainer but for some reason that's non applicable for people with no brain, even though it says, “no brainer” so.... you have to assume you do need a brain, or more accurately a mind and that would be a mind with the capacity for objectivity.

It's a rough go at the moment but there are things one can glean from observation. Take the case of Ferguson. At that location there are crowds of people seeking to be fully engaged in the process. On one side are the roid-rage police and on the other side is the enraged citizenry, infiltrated with opportunists and instigators who work for the same forces that employ the shrunken testicle brigade. Meanwhile there are people going about their lives and remaining untouched by the uproar. This is not to say that one should not be engaged in protest against injustice but... keep in mind the condition of the times. Can one reasonably expect justice 'at this time'? You'll have to figure that out for yourself. There is a reason that the wise and illuminated retreat in certain periods of material excess and global disorder.

I can't make other people's minds up for them. I can't wade through the population with a a big stick screaming “Wake up!!!” It's not in my job description and it's not likely to be successful given how many people need to get wacked and at what point I would be hindered or halted in my efforts. People have to get their heads right or they are going to be headed wrong and that's not going to result in the positive fruit of true self interest. We can only hope Mr. Apocalypse does a comprehensive and quality job on human consciousness. Well, he's a pro. I expect nothing less.

End Transmission.......

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