Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Funhouse Wonderland and Wasteland of our Lives.

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(Sorry to miss Visible Origami again but with the new book newly out and people still reading it and it being an Origami kind of thing, I thought I would miss one more rotation. If you don’t have the digital copy yet you can get it here. The hard copy should be out shortly or a little more than shortly but shortly according to some kind of time.)

The joint is jumping and push and shove, along with critical mass, are dancing in the dark; meaning we can’t see where it is going but it is coming and going in front of our eyes, even though we can’t see it very clearly, except for some of the special effects and the ominous feel of something coming, juxtaposed with not knowing what is going to happen next.

Oakland is humming and buzzing and doing things in that Oakland style that goes back to it always being the poor sister of San Francisco and the home of The Black Panthers. The crass media is downplaying the numbers as usual, while doing what the crass media does by putting out articles where the name of the author is never mentioned anymore and that’s been going on for awhile. I’m assuming this is because naming the writers tracks the info right back to Israel who is behind so many of the world wide lies and offenses of recent times.

Consonant with Israel’s all lies all the time comes the aggressive saber rattling and the dark side plotting and threats that keep amplifying Israel’s madness concerning an attack on Iran and the same unnamed writers are talking about how Israel would prefer that America do her dirty work again, like they always do and the also captive and totally owned British military is ramping up in their whore suits, to jump in as Israel’s killer bitch machine to help destroy the non usurious Islamic banking system because both America and all of the rest of the Crown Colony hookers are owned economically by the ongoing system of bandit usury, based and operated from Israel Central, founded by The Rothschild banking house, which founded Israel for that purpose. That’s how it was, is and they intend it to continue to be.

Meanwhile the system is collapsing the same way that dual national controlled Las Vegas is going down the tubes. It’s not soprano land, its Sopranoberg land and Mr. Apocalypse is smacking the culprits of our collective distress with his walking stick and more power to him. Yes, of course, this would be anti-Semitic if we were dealing with Semitics but we are not.

It’s a no brainer that madness is on the doorstep because the one percent are in the gunsights of the world and all of their mechanisms of control are being challenged from the street up and the cosmos down and there’s nowhere for them to go except into arrogant mockery and dirty, desperate behavior to maintain their evil ways, while the control is slipping from their hands. It’s pretty exciting and very scary all at the same time. The whole world is on one of those high tech thrill rides from the big amusement park of our decadent escapisms, provided by those seeking to contain our attention, while they bugger us silly and drain us dry. The truth is that you can’t wipe out your own food supply and expect that you will continue to prosper. This is the sustained insanity of those who are destroying themselves in front of our eyes and their own. They can’t see it but they will.

The irony and the coincidence; the sense of prophecy and precognition that abounds in this funhouse, wonderland and wasteland of contemporary existence is very difficult to describe. It is subjective in all of our cases and your ability to see any of it is dependent on your level of awakening and your intuitive and objective access and abilities to cognate and perceive. It is in your hands what you take away from what is in front of you and what you do about it, or don’t do about it. This is when those things you have done for all of your lives and what you have done and aspired to in this one comes into play. Is there time to turn it around for yourself? Is there time and motivation to change who you are or reveal what you are? It is said that while there is life, there is hope. We shall see. Awaken or dream on you mad intoxicated fools. We are the people that might have been. You should have gotten in touch with us then.

We are on the lip of an abyss that we will either plunge into or step across. Downward awaits the sucking whirlpool of the devolutionary curve into backwardness and the attendant compressions and horrors. Ahead lies the new world that is already fully present but invisible to our gaze. It will suddenly appear in full being or it will be lost to you for a very long time. In the meantime we go on with our daily motions in the lethargy of ordinary redundancies that we have embraced and engaged in for so long now. It is truly an oddity that we can be like that when faced with this.

Winter is coming; a cold and mysterious winter with concerns of warmth and sustenance. Will we be warm and fed or will we be hungry and cold or worse? Will Israel plunge the whole world into chaos or will Israel be confronted and judged for her crimes against existence and those of us present here in these days? It’s a difficult call. All the signs indicate that her moment of cosmic resolution is at hand. It is a consummation devoutly to be wished as Shakespeare put it.

The horror of what ZATO has been occupied with over recent times is terrible and contemptible. What they have done in Libya is truly psychopathic and vicious beyond description. Who are these people? Who are these craven inhuman creatures who have done so much harm in so many places over these recent years? Can anyone doubt that they are the private mercenary army of Israel? Can anyone doubt that they have become this army due to economic control of the west by the ancient enemy of humanity? Can anyone doubt that everything that has been done has profited Israel more than any other single entity? Consonant with this we have the irrefutable proof of Israel’s culpability in 9/11 and so many other similar outrages like 7/7 and the Madrid Train station bombings and their security company was the single security force in charge of every one of these locations. How clueless, fearful and resistant do we have to be not to see this?

Our obsession with self gain, our ignorant desires, are responsible for our inability to see and that will continue until we are willing to let them go. Until we break and release the hypnotic spell of self interest and accept our responsibility to serve the best interests of the greater whole we are doomed to private hells in a barren and empty field ruled by Saturn who oversees these things. That particular force is what grinds us down into our better selves or drives us through the experiences that show us our failures and which in the end confines us in the agonizing and endless realization of how far wrong we went.

11/11/11 approaches. Does that mean anything? Does anything mean anything? There is a imminent arrival of the unknown into every life; today, tomorrow, next week, next year? We shall see.

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