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Condo Dwelling in Perpetual Hamster City.

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Most of us are familiar with the term, ‘Satanist’. We might think we had some idea of what the term meant. However, if we were asked to define it we would more likely come up with a list of behaviors instead of the core principle. What Satanism is is the recognition and celebration of the individual will and the free exercise of any and all passions as a right that is taken, regardless of any resistance or sense of violation on the part of anyone they are being expressed upon. I purposely didn’t go to any of the web sites where I might run into any official definitions, anticipating if anyone does; it will still come out to be, more or less, something compatible with what I just said. One might add that practicing and committed Satanists are those who do evil for the sheer enjoyment of it. That’s simpler and more compact but not comprehensive because in some cases, the evil performed is more of an expedient necessity than it is a motive.

Back in the 60’s there was an Army major who worked for MKUltra. I can’t remember his name now (visible in his dotage?) and he was a known Satanist. Anton Szanador LaVey founded The First Church of Satan in San Francisco around the same time. What was being expressed in the hearts and minds of that small collective known as ‘hippies’ was only one philosophical construct that came out of the period. I have certain memories of San Francisco, although I didn’t spend a lot of time there. The California side of the equation always struck me as airhead central; forgive me if I have offended any long term residents who resonate with the landscape. I don’t mean to give the impression that there is any contempt or judgment taking place here. It’s just how it struck me.

I remember a protest march in S.F. where I saw a couple of cops beating a pregnant woman with nightsticks. I remember walking past Buona Vista park and getting a sense of danger in the darkness. I remember being very, very high on acid, sitting in a stairwell in an apartment on Folsom St. with a friend who was having trouble, because this was some very strong shit, although it wasn’t on a par with the orange and blue STP that was around for a brief time and was manufactured somewhere in the bay area. I took it once and tripped at the intensity of authentic Owsley White Light for 3 days and peaked for at least ten hours. Anyway, I was sitting in the stairwell when a door opened on the landing above and shortly after, 3 young ladies and a boy came down all witched up on their way to wherever and I could hear the sound of rattlesnakes all around them as they passed. I also ran into Charlie Manson in S.F. You could call that a hostile encounter.

I think that was a sufficient digression. Whatever may have been taking place during that period, which got identified as peace and love, was not the only emergent thing. Human nature is capable of all sorts of things. Eventually whatever you wind up with has everything to do with whether you are all about self interest or more at home serving and enjoying the greater good; should that oft referenced and seldom seen condition ever actually appear. I remember the genuine presence of something fine and noble in the full time residents of that temporary culture. I remember that ten times that number would swell the ranks every weekend and that speaks volumes about all sorts of things. I remember how real and vital it all was to me. After these many years, it stands out as one of the brief moments in which I was able to interact with what I held in a higher regard than all the rest of the repetitious, bullshit redundancies that are the usual order of the day. I remember returning around 18 months later to a war zone, where everything formerly familiar had departed. It was all about heroin and speed, with the occasional souls squatting in doorways in hope of Ginsberg’s ‘angry fix’ (I met him also a couple of times and didn’t like him very much, probably because he really, really didn’t like me). I found out years later that it was the work of the CIA, which railroaded all that was bright and beautiful, back into the stock pens of Perpetual Hamster City. For quite some time I was unaware of the details attending the hijacking and rape of that free bird period of the human heart and all of the difficulties that the human heart presents for the forces who feed off of the violation of it.

There is a lot of dark and sinister activity in the dark and sinister world, which we occupy. That dark and sinister state has been gang-fucked into our situations for pretty much all of the centuries since they got around to recording and revising all of the histories that supposedly came before the moment in which we find ourselves today. I suppose that is a justifiable precedence for believing in cabals and overlords who exercise a firm hand of control over all of our affairs and... I’m not saying they don’t, at least as far as it goes for those of you who submit to them.

It’s understandable that some of you think the occupy Wall Street movement is just another controlled expression by the usual suspects, whose intent is to destroy our hope and kill our initiative. Because most people don’t look deeply into things, it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that Masonry is the be all, end all and chief villain behind all of our torments and difficulties without grasping that it’s more about the tenor and darkness of the times that it gets expressed in than it is about any enduring resident evil. Since I know I’m going to hear about it and get cursed out as an apologist or even an employee of this organization, let me say with a deserved exhaustion that I’ve got nothing to do with those people and don’t belong to anything or get paid by anyone and really don’t care about the possibility of that happening down the road. I made my choice of service and allegiance some time ago and that’s not ever, ever going to change, ever.

Unlike a whole lot of other people who, for some reason, are so confident and convinced of their own possession of the truth and all that attends it, I don’t know and I have no trouble admitting it. I can only speak to what I’ve noticed along the way and that is that it’s never entirely this or that and possibly neither one. I also note that if all power seen and unseen were actually in the hands of whichever world controlling apparatus there may or may not be, I wouldn’t be here, not that they didn’t visit some portion of that on me over time. If these so called elites actually did run everything up and down the ladder of influence and control we would be a lot more screwed than we are.

I don’t really concern myself with what people believe or how they arrived at that. The large majority of the population generally comes to believe what supports the opinions they have already formed and are not usually open to principles and perspectives that challenge their disingenuous explanations for the usual indulgences of self interest; not forgetting what I already said about that. Most of the people who make up the world audience and most of the people that milk it, are all recognizable neighbors in the enduring collective deceit that finds its voice and fealty in survival instincts, their sexual organs and their stomachs. You’ll just make yourself depressed and unfulfilled by expecting anything more.

I’ve heard it said that even if it happens at the hands of a total degenerate, sanctimonious hypocrite, you can still have a real and lasting spiritual experience depending on the level of your faith and conviction. Most things aren’t what they seem and your destinies and dependencies are not necessarily as hard wired as you think they are, given that you have any idea of what is or isn’t so in the first place.

I could be wrong about some of the conclusions I have come to over the course of whatever course brought me to this composite moment. Given that, it’s my considered belief that all power emerges from one place and is only on loan for periods of time to effect events and conditions for the purpose of demonstration. The idea of secret cabals of twisted individuals that run everything is about as real as the degree of your faith in that supposition. This is not to say that a consortium of bankers, political whores and all the rest of them are not continuously busy stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and coming back with crowbars for the rest. This is about perception and position relative to your degree of confinement and servitude. Most people get what they deserve for being lazy, paranoid and cheap. Most people convinced themselves of something and wind up the victim of it down the road. Most people have no problem adjusting the facts to suit their preferences, or justifying their actions through some form of self deception about what they were really up to.

Of course there is some amount of controlled opposition going on with the Wall Street movement. Of course there are elements within the Masonic orders and every other group that’s engaged in the manipulation of human affairs. Of course this is the terra firma of the prince of the air and all things are skewed toward the corruption and destruction of all of the better possibilities of our nature but that’s not the whole story. You’re not as defenseless and screwed as you might imagine based on surface appearances. Your biggest problem is not these self serving psychopaths in high places. Your biggest problem is yourself and the weaknesses and appetites you rationalize and engage in, while professing to be otherwise. No external force or personage has any more power over you than what you provide by making yourself available to it through the usual conceits and weaknesses of your unformed and unexamined being.

These times are like no other times. The usual terms and traditions are no longer preeminent as they once appeared to be. The very nature of their oppressive behaviors and intentions is proof positive that they are losing their grip on the hearts and minds of their subjects and victims. The critical concern is that any of you might see the possibility of the moment and seize upon it, rather than allowing it to become just one more missed opportunity in the cycling recurrence of lifetimes so employed. What you may or may not do is not my affair, that is your concern, or otherwise, it just wasn’t that important and you may repent at your leisure.

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