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Degrees of Darkness in the Absence of Light.

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I have been putting myself through hoops since last evening when I read this, wondering what I should say and if I should say anything. I was especially astonished by the admonitions given to the Germans about being responsible for the Palestinian troubles, however convoluted the argument. If anyone should take responsibility for The Palestinian Genocide it is Israel and this should be proclaimed by those Israelis who present themselves as friends of The Palestinians. Those who call themselves Israelis have no right to be in Palestine in the first place and they are only there through devious maneuverings and pornographic revisionism.

I’m not here to debate the extent and reality of their marketplace holocaust and I’ve no inclination to deny or question the details. What I do know is that when you make it against the law to question something then there’s something wrong with the facts because the only reason for worldwide suppression of inquiry would be that the facts wouldn’t hold water against it. To question the affair is the real province of those who present themselves as agents of truth, in seeming opposition to their countrymen. No one can be an agent of truth who does not only admit but also proclaim that Israel was behind 9/11. No one can be an agent of truth who parrots official lines and never brings certain untenable absurdities to light. Of course, this requires the courage of being capable of it.

The reason I don’t flat out deny that certain things took place is because that isn’t the important point. The important point is that the descendants of those responsible for the far larger and greater lasting holocaust in Soviet Russia, are those presently living in Israel. Given that, and accepting six million dead, one can only say that what followed was righteous karma and they are still millions of bodies short on the debt. That is the cardinal issue. Another point is that the majority of Young Turks in the Armenian holocaust were Jews. Another point is the owners of the slave ships that trafficked in human flesh, much as their present day descendents still do. Another point is that there are so many points to point out, concerning these perpetual victims that a picture begins to emerge and which is verified in their having been the only group of people on Earth to be tossed out of most of the countries in the world and sometimes more than once. An agent of truth would know these things because an agent of truth seeks the truth and should know why as well.

It is an interesting irony that there are so remarkably few Jewish voices that go directly to the heart of the matter, or who state what is evident based on the chain of evidence. It is an interesting irony that one is accused of anti-Semitism, when one states that Zionist interests own and control 96% of the mass media, the entertainment industry and so many things when they themselves brag about it. Any fool knows that ownership of the media places the drums of war into the hands of those who possess it.

I sincerely do not like to point certain things out. There’s no positive social or economic future for me in these pursuits and when I took upon myself certain responsibilities, or when they were laid on me, I accepted the cost. It is similar to my never having cooperated with the authorities when I was facing years in prison and at one point, a life sentence, more or less. I told myself that I could not live with waking up in the morning and knowing I was a rat. I can look at myself in the mirror and confirm that.

I can write all around things if I want to and I can simply avoid certain subject matter, including the contents of this posting but that would make me another kind of a rat. It is possible that I am allowed to say the things I say and many another is not. That’s obviously true up to this point concerning me and I wouldn’t want to speculate on others. I’m not here to argue about why people do and do not say the things they do. I’m just here to ask the reader what they think it means. I know what I think it means, as far as I can know anything.

To this point, so many writers and activists are part of the controlled opposition that it’s hard to know who isn’t. There are only a few reasons for not telling the unvarnished truth, if you are one of those people who pass yourself off as intelligent, compassionate and informed. Self interest is one reason. Complicity is another reason and the presence of some kind of agenda that flows back into either of the two preceding reasons is another. We can’t accept stupidity or denial as a reason because none of those who present themselves as truth tellers would accept either of those in any case.

In the early 1930’s, American Jews declared war on Germany because Germany was taking back the assets they and their international fellows had stolen in the period between the two wars, which they were major financiers of. The Red Cross was permitted to visit the concentration camps in Germany, even though The Zionists wanted no aid to reach those incarcerated. In Soviet Russia, under the control of The Cheka, The Red Cross was not allowed into the camps. The Red Cross and other agencies all agree that something like 110-120,000 prisoners were liberated from the camps. Presently, Israel claims over a million horrorcoast survivors exist, though the number is sometimes even higher, depending on who is doing the lying.

We now know that the majority of so called anti-Semitic acts are carried out by Zionist agencies. We know it’s a club of intimidation, to be used against anyone who gets in the way of their psychopathic machine and its red-eyed international harvesting, combine with the blood stained teeth, also known as The Central Banks. Israel does not have a right to exist; only Palestine has that right and that is being denied to them. There is no Israel. It’s a marketing device for world plunder and manufactured and managed chaos abroad.

I don’t give a damn about the endless litany of those who know no more than I do that the Mason’s control them, or that The Illuminati control the Masons, or that some truly secret and nameless cabal controls them. I know the faces I see and the names I hear and the acts I witness and what the evidence shows. That is what I know and only for as long as I am allowed to know it or it turns into something else.

Nothing I say here is going to mean anything in terms of what is coming and which is long overdue from my limited perspective. It’s coming and it’s going to happen and a lot of it is going to be a grim business indeed. Those who have profited upon the misery of the peoples of this world are going to get their due and their numbers too. I don’t care how many governments they control or have compromised and Israel is going to be destroyed because it is anathema and a pestilence upon the world community and it’s ordained. It will come to pass and I won’t give it a thought, I’ll just look ahead to the world to come, for whatever time I have to remain in it, because I’m headed somewhere else as far as I’m concerned and that is all there is to that.

In the moments now leading up to the inevitable, due to the unmoving and indifferent, the hammer of temporal authority is coming down all over the place (I’ll address a personal anecdote in this regard in the comments section later today, when I’m in the mood to write it). If one didn’t know better- and this is one of the few things I do know- one would think there was no hope and it’s just going to get worse and worse until we are shown just how bad it can get.

Obviously, the bully of the Middle East intends to do something awful soon. They don’t want the rightful inhabitants of the land they stole it from, declaring their right to be recognized. They don’t want the possibilities that will emerge from this to be made possible. They certainly don’t want to grant them the original borders which are themselves just another example of earlier theft. They don’t want to share their Wal-Mart Jerusalem either. The truth is they want to destroy them and drive the rest into exile, until not a single Palestinian remains. They want to destroy Lebanon, as they’ve shown in the past and Syria, Libya, Egypt and Iraq and Afghanistan, which they already have ZATO employed at in wars they manufactured after THEY DID 9/11. Whatever you hear them accusing others of is what they are engaged in.

The anniversary of Sabra and Shatila is here. This is when hundreds of men, women and children of Palestinian extraction were murdered by proxy, in Lebanon, under the orders of The Sleeping Sharon and his vampire overlords, who institute these horrors on every possible day, as they have since they first got into the business. This next ten days should prove interesting.

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