Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anti-Semitic and Uncle Khazar Boinking in the Box Seats.

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Day seven; off what really happened and no wife swapping in sight. I be counting off the days with all my might (grin)

A reader named Grassapelli brought something to my attention that had escaped my notice until now and that is that buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the World Trade Center also collapsed in flames and explosions and god knows what, since I don’t know what. So, what else don’t I know, probably a great deal? I know I can’t play the violin, even though it’s the first instrument that I studied as a child in Paris. I remember my teacher, a very large Frenchman named Mr. Wolf. I learned to play Three Blind Mice; way to go, Visible.

Much as it was in revolutionary France, at least according to the estimable, Mr. Dickens, “It was the best of times, It was the worst of time”. It is the worst of times for 90% and the best of times for the 10 percent responsible for them. Today, some smaller portion of the 90% are amassed in the workplace of the 10% surrounded by the enforcement arm of the 10%; Jessie’s off with the two remaining Beatles singing, “Let me take you down cause I'm going to Hymie Town”. Whoops, that’s anti-Semitic and here’s a new modality for you to play with, no matter what comment someone makes, your response should be, “That’s anti-Semitic”. If someone says, “Nice weather we’re having”. Your response should be, “That’s anti-Semitic”. If someone asks, “How’s the wife”? That’s anti-Semitic. “Now that’s a good looking ass, two Siamese cats fighting in a burlap bag”. That’s anti-Semitic and don’t forget Uncle Khazar.

Actually it’s the Mason’s that are controlling the Zionists. They’ve got remote controls in their hands as thousands of black draped Hassid’s, with diamonds in glassine bags in their pockets, rocket around town in bumper car mobile drones laying waste to the economy. Tel Aviv airways have pilots standing by as they get ready to roll up the ramps into the C-101’s for the trip to India and Brazil. Let’s roll! Uh oh, here come thousands of Muslims with six foot scimitars dragging behind them; back with the Hassid’s on the bumper cars with six foot shillelaghs, hanging from wrist straps. Boy is that anti-Semitic. There goes Abe Foxman, pushing his pot belly in a shopping cart down the aisles of World Mart. And there’s mini-me, Rahm Emanuel, riding in a kiddies pack on Obama’s back, whipping his ass with a cat o’ nine tails. It’s anti-Semitic!

The illuminati are telepathically remote viewing the Masons and who is controlling the illuminati? It’s The Debil! Yes it’s the Debil. It’s that red guy in the black suit at the crossroads and Robert Johnson is picking his guitar. Jimmie Page is doing backup on the double neck strat and it sounds like someone is castrating a cat. No wait! It’s actually two cats having sex. A little known fact is that cat’s penises have barbs that come out and hook into the vagina of the female and when they pull it out? The female cat screams. What does she scream? “It’s anti-Semitic”! An orthodox rabbi, a French soldier and a Polish diplomat are captured by natives in The Congo. The chief says, “We are going to kill you and then we are going to make canoes out of your skin. The good news is that we will let you chose the manner of your own death”. Yeah, that’s how the chief talks, he went to Oxford. The Frenchman falls on his sword and bleeds to death. The rabbi swallows a bag of diamonds and chokes to death. The Polish diplomat looks around and reaches into his mess kit and pulls out a fork and starts stabbing himself all over the torso screaming, “You’re not making any fucking canoe out of me”! And? That’s right! It’s anti-Semitic!

The evangelicals handle poisonous snakes, as a substitute for playing with their own. The other Protestants and Catholics pass the collection plate. In the synagogues, you actually pay for the seat, just like at a prize fight or a concert. In some places this is only for the high holy days, when the gilded offspring of the Wall Street Bull is trotted out on to the dais. If you’re in Palm Beach that could run you a million a year and that too, is anti-Semitic! Anti-Semitics to the left of me, anti-Semitics to the right of me, into the valley of anti-Semitism rode the six million.

High rollers are playing AIPACMAN in the dying casinos, surrounded by the abandoned houses of the people that had to move; west young man! Move West! Heah cum de Muslims! Heah cum de Muslims! Here they come, bent over and moonwalking on their knees, but not in France! It’s the time of the holy wars. There’s an old lady on crutches beating a nun to death with a huge crucifix. Whoops, that’s not a nun, that’s a Hassid, my bad. And that is anti-Semitic. I just saw a bumper sticker go by on a pickup which said, “Could you revise history any better with the Dead Sea Scrolls jammed up your ass?” Sorry, wrong joke but it’s still anti-Semitic! “Do you know de way to Brooklyn or should I just go fuck myself?” Hey, that’s anti-Semitic.

The press lines are on fire with how The Palestinians aren’t going to do what they’re going to do but who controls the press? That’s anti-Semitic. “Organs! Organs! Get your ice cold organs!” Uh huh, anti-Semitic. ♫Moon niggaz, whiter than The Nile, I be crossing you in style some day. We be after the same Manichevitz wine and glorious behind to set your drink upon, it’s true, Moon Niggaz and you...♫ You will note that Manichevitz promotes responsible drinking. And you better believe that’s anti-Semitic.

God’s laughing and that’s anti-Semitic too. No telling if he’s laughing at this post or laughing at you for the moment, possibly both.

All right Visible, move your lunatic ass out of the way for a moment. I know, I know, that’s anti-Semitic but move anyway. Sorry, I get possessed sometimes. It’s probably the anti-Semitism that does it. Every time I snort a few lines that tends to happen. It’s probably the reason I got busted on the super highway a few years ago, trying to snort the white line on the freeway, under a full moon that just happened to appear in a school bus window, at the right time. I thought I might as well look for my car keys too since that’s where the light was.

Sometimes, late at night I imagine conversations between Alan Dershowitz and The Debil, prior to his entrance into Hell. Lawyers can talk when their ass is on the line. Of course, as per De Niro’s commentary in “Angel Heart”, “The world won’t miss one more lawyer” or something like that. Did you see dual national De Niro at the opening of last weeks NY Jets game? Way to go Roberto! Oops! Anti-Semitic. It doesn’t matter what I say or if I look at you any particular way, it’s all anti-Semitic.

Well, it’s probably time for me to go rub myself down with some Dead Sea Anti-Semitism cream and hope for the best. I got that radio show to do tonight and I ought to prep my head as opposed to getting some cause that would be anti-Semitic too.

Muslims, Muslims, who got the Muslims, I neeeeeeeeeeeeed some Muslims, wanna cop a dime bag of Muslims with no usury attached, that’s why the banks don’t like ‘em. Bring some tanks and fuck the banks, burn down Wall Street and de-ball the bull. Muslims didn’t do 9/11, Israel did 9/11 and they’re gonna do more and they’re gonna do it soon. Down on their knees to the Golden Calf, Heaven through a needles eye, don’t make me laugh, take my diuretic, pissing anti-Semitic and eyeballing Uncle Khazar through the glory hole, toss a maseltov cocktail through the porthole of the sinking ship of state. They took it down with them, I can relate, Hop on board and don’t be late! All the free will junkies are victims of fate. Yeah, I’m a playa hata that’s addicted to hate. Anti-Semitic! Material dialectic, your stomachs gone peptic. More and more profit, I gots to collect it. No more yards and inches they can steal more with metric. I gotta go, gotta go, it’s too eclectic!!! Your ass is worth how much? Well son, go ahead and bet it.

End Transmission.......

Radio show tonight, check the link for time and location in the Native Indian nation.


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