Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just the Facts Ma'am.

You can see it happening in the way it has happened before, that certain interests jump the ship; run down the cruise line ropes for the next staging ground, even though they are on the ultimate staging ground. What happens next is anybodies guess but history shows the record of the past. So be my guest on this sailing ship. I’m not on that ship anyway.

This is The Apocalypse and the dirty deeds about war and money; the shape of culture, the assault on the mysteries of existence, the darkness of material fire, the question of what did and did not happen and the evidence that is emerging in a forensic, internet fashion is coming out because the conditions are on the ground and the people doing it are talking about it and wild tales are being told and laws are being made to suppress the right to question something that cannot possibly be what has been said. Brute force won’t work. Ignorance is no defense. They tell the truth themselves and then deny the evidence and it doesn’t mater anyway because... the law says that you cannot deny something regardless of the evidence and that is the problem.

So you have huge populations trembling under time bombs that keep going off, juxtaposed by a small minority of people who claim to be something they are not while they are genociding the very people who are the descendents of the books they base their religions on. What are you going to do? In their own words you have the evidence and it continues into present day problems.

A group of people forced themselves upon a land, with people already there, who were looking to take that land. They fabricated historical records to create pressure and lay guilt upon a nation of people, who actually surpassed them in the numbers of counted dead. They reduced the amount of victims at Auschwitz from 4.5 million to 1.5 million.

What does that make them? It makes them holocaust deniers. The very people pushing the production, deny the production because how could they lose 3 million victims and still have six million?

Does this make any sense? There are laws against this. People go to jail for this and have their careers ruined because of it, yet... they are doing it themselves. You have to love The Apocalypse and then you have to factor in that the Bolshevik Revolution was sponsored by these same people who then went on a massive campaign about pogroms when they were two thirds of the Cheka that applied it. Does this make any kind of sense?

It wouldn’t be a big deal in any case because people lie all the time but people are dying because of this. People were thrown off of their land in Palestine on the premise that these things happened but in the writings of President Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, President De Gaulle, there is no mention of crematoriums or am I crazy? I am not saying this is true or not true because I don’t know. The fundamental reality of my being is that I do not know so I can’t say but this doesn’t make any sense and they deny what they claim in their own records. What’s going on?

Huge amounts of reparations are handed out because of this. Money that is supposed to go to survivors of some holocaust, who don’t even get the money, is going on for decades.

The fourth largest military has been built on this. Blockbuster movies are made out of this. Children are forced to learn things in schools that can’t possibly have happened because, according to the links in this posting, in their own words, there weren’t even that many people around to have suffered this.

9/11 was done by these people. How much more proof does one need?

That’s the thing about the apocalypse. It is opening eyes and this cuts to the heart of religious and political control of the world. It’s all a pack of lies. You have these memorials built all over the world to a myth that they tell you in their own words did not happen, while they demand that it did happen and a lot of what goes on in world affairs is based on this.

I personally do not declare anything. They do. How does it come about that this could happen and that life would be so intricately involved with it? Why are these same people now trying to attack Iran on their way to Russia and China? It is a muddy road and I do not know what to say. They say it themselves and then make it illegal to question it. The obvious thing is that things are going to happen one way or another.

What are we supposed to do when the people telling us something, are also telling us something else at the same time? Then comes congressman wiener and a crotch shot. Who knows, whose package that could be? I know it’s not me, because I don’t wear underwear. I prefer to use toilet paper. Why would such a thing be an issue without a face? There is only one possibility and that is that there are other pictures. Otherwise why not deny it outright. They are being pushed out. As I keep saying. The Apocalypse is pushing these guys out. The cosmos is in town and the cosmos is going to start butt kicking.

Men of honor stand together but the bad guys rat on each other and that is what is happening because the system is corrupted and the heat is on. That can only mean war and incredible fuckups because... the cosmos is on the stage.

I don’t understand how damming forensics can be dismissed. Of course I failed to comprehend what the Supreme Court was thinking when Segway Bush came into power. Those vultures do not work for the common good and pervert the law that they dress up in robes to define. They work for the banks and not The Constitution of the United States.

For some reason, people want to be emperors. They want to move the world into disorder to make a buck. But a buck isn’t worth anything. It’s just a piece of paper, like George Bush said about The Constitution. Trust is what counts. I know what I trust in. I hold truth to be self evident. It is the only currency I know. If you don’t have integrity, then you have nothing. Integrity should be written into your jeans. Because it is what you give your life for. The measure of your integrity is what you are. I have struggled all of my life against demons and bankers, trying to live a life, like Jacque Fresco. I am not a tool and die man. I am a dreamer and a mystical poet but I keep believing something can come true, not just for me but for the rest of you.

You are what you are as a human being. Your religions are just the clothing you put on the gods you believe in. You can have a better world. You do not have to crumble under the force of a fool. There is a better world coming if you can work for the greater good. Live your life trying to be a better human being because it is upon you.

I have no quarrel with the faith of people. I take everyone as I find them and know them by what they do. No member of any order is out of order, unless they are out of order. We are people. We are not religions, or political entities. Those are simply clothing. Those are the mufti and uniform of obvious agenda.

Truth is truth or else it is a lie, by degrees according to intention. I don’t know what else to say except that we are all human beings. Is something true or is it a lie for the purpose of advantage? The glaring contradictions are self evident and the very people saying it deny it in their own words. What is truth? I think somebody said that. That is what it comes down to. What are laws? What do we base our lives on and live in fear of?

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