Thursday, April 14, 2011

If it isn't Israel then it must be Space Aliens or Monsters.

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Well, the signs are fairly overwhelming and, as has been mentioned, whenever Israel has a religious holiday coming up, there’s a good chance a whole lot of people will die, as they have on many an Israeli holiday. As per usual, my mentioning the upcoming Passover, I hope that saying it will keep it from happening.

All the signs are there; Israeli operatives firing bottle rockets into empty lots and occasionally causing an ankle sprain, charley horse or a broken nail, as a definable injury to those living on occupied, stolen land. The broken nail is a serious matter because Israel considers cosmetic injuries to be particularly offensive.

It’s a big manufactured news item today that the Syrians are getting help from Iran to do to their own people- the resistance- what Israel considers her sole province to be doing. This is another no-no. Russia and China are meeting over concerns about the Israeli conflict in Libya. Or did Israel not send in thousands of African mercenaries to prop up Gadhafi, as well as dropping bombs out of unmarked planes upon the Sudanese, which they have since taken credit for?

It looks like Israel is making war on the whole world, which was the purpose of forcing the country into existence in the first place. They are making or plotting war against nearly all of their neighbors; this is not in dispute. They are making economic war against the East and West with their bankers. They are either directly or indirectly connected to the breakdown of the reactors at Fukushima, due to their relationship to the Stuxnet virus. They have roving hit teams, around the world, looking to kill anyone who disagrees with them. They are engineering jail terms in a number of countries for people who doubt their version of history. This version of history, strangely enough, came into being some years after the event and wasn’t even mentioned prior to that, except briefly when they declared war on Germany earlier, before Germany declared war on anyone else and I’m not sure if that mention wasn’t about some missing six million from World War One.

They’re making war on the Western education system with their communist PC activities, which are also preempting the majority, sexual preferences in favor of anything and everything otherwise. They’re making war on human intelligence with a calculated dumbing down of the educational systems in various countries and assisting in that effort through their control of the media and entertainment industries. Is there anything dark, devious and deadly that they are not involved in or behind?

Total media hack and full time disinfo whore, Michael Isikoff has got the major front page story today in the Israeli world press, which is most of the world press. How many times have I, pretty much, said the same things? No one else is causing any real problems, unless you count Zionist controlled USA and Zionist controlled Crown Colonies. While you are checking out this list, look at the list of Federal Reserve heads which is included. If all of these things were personified as dead bodies, the entire Earth would stink like a shallow grave under your windowsill. Perhaps it already does.

One can reach no rational conclusion concerning any of this so we are left with irrational conclusions; the same kind of conclusions I have to come to when my emails don’t reach the people who usually link my work and suddenly I’m behind some kind of unique firewall. It happens. Then it doesn’t happen. Then it happens. Then it doesn’t happen. It couldn’t be that my last article was about The Rothschilds could it? All kinds of funny things are happening on my computer; obviously there’s a government keylogger, so, there’s probably more as well. I don’t care much one way or another. My life is an open book and I make no effort to protect private information. I use passwords but you kind of have to when you’ve got larger productions operating.

Well, if you can’t reach any rational conclusions about how Israel is enabled to torment the entire world, in some kind of psychopathic sex and murder frenzy and you have to go to irrational conclusions, theories, projections then; what would those be? Hmmm. “Birds of a feather flock together”. Bad owners have bad dogs. Child abusers have networks. I think we can assume, if there are bad aliens, they are working in consort with the Israelis. We know that they have reversed the Kabala, which they originally stole from the Chaldeans, along with the attendant flame alphabet. So, they’re using magic; all wars are magical wars, forget whatever else you’ve heard. In dark ages, dark magics prevail.

Dark magics require blood sacrifices, blood has to be spilled on the Earth, in order to effect contact with bad aliens, who may not actually be what you generally think of, when you think of beings from outer space. They can be from ‘inner space.’ They can be interdimensional. They can be residents of other vibrationary planes that we also operate from; emotional and mental planes, which have various levels; consider the level of your own thought and consider the levels that you know are out there, in there. If you’re not clear on this read the crime section of the news.

The reason people don’t get what is happening is because they are expecting a logical explanation. They are expecting rational reasons and the truth is neither logical nor rational. It’s only in recent times that people have been dismissive of supernatural forces; the material world predominating like it does. That’s good for the supernatural forces because that’s just absurd isn’t it? I don’t have to doubt any of this because I’ve seen it. A lot of the veils don’t apply to me and given the right circumstances, I can see all kinds of things (grin) and then some. I’ve seen things that would put most people on a locked mental ward but I consider it entertainment, often enough. I live in Torchwood. I may not have any money or much fame and I’m short on shoulder rubbing with powerfully unpleasant people but I didn’t get shortchanged on the strange phenomena end.

I walk and talk and follow every sane and useful law and rule. I ignore the rest. I can carry on a conversation and I’m mostly hygienically abled. I can pass as normal if I want to. I can do all kinds of things so...I’m not necessarily mentally challenged the way the mentally challenged might think. I know what I see and sense and I also am able and motivated to question it relentlessly. Nothing means anything, unless you can prove it to yourself through careful analysis and continuous testing.

This brings us to; what does it all mean and how is it going to shake out? I’m speaking about Israel and her bitches, as well as whatever alien and cross dimensional and inner plane entities and forces may be operative. It doesn’t look good, seen through the lens of the submissive bottom media and in your general world experience, when you consider catching a plane in the occupied territories of the USA and Crown Colonies, or walking down the street; dealing with the government, trying to hold on to your home, or locate another job because you weren’t servile enough, or in an industry that’s focused on suppressive or offensive products and activities. It doesn’t look good at all.

As I’ve said more times than I care to remember, the whole drama of existence is scripted and in the hands of the cosmic director. We’re players in that and we’ve got a certain amount of latitude when it comes to that elusive commodity called ‘free will’. The high and the mighty are being set up for a grand denouement; a precipitous fall, from a spectacular height. A whole lot of people are going to be swept up in the slipstream because they believe in the authority of criminal psychopaths. They think what they are told and shown is real and they can’t accept what is actually being done to them. They can’t accept that it’s being done to them, by the very people empowered to protect them and provide them with all the things they were put into power to make possible.

We have an event like Fukushima and it’s an eye-opener. A month down the road it’s not such a big deal, unless you’re Japanese, even though milk and cheeses, meats and vegetables are now questionable in many parts of the world. Somehow it doesn’t compute and if it were important they would tell you, wouldn’t they? comes the follow-ups and new conditions, right off the drawing board from the plane of Briah. Here’s a little background on all that. It’s how the system works; western style. This technology has been stolen and perverted by bad apples, stolen from the Chaldeans and Egyptians who got it from someone else. It’s a dark age. That’s what happens.

Still, the clock is changing now. The age is changing and for the age to change, some things have to go out of being and some things have to come into being and that is going to be happening right in front of your eyes, around the corner and on your doorstep as well as all over the world. What happens depends on what you are, what you have become, and how that factors in to what needs to go out of being and come into being. Hopefully you are adjusting to the new schematic and resonance. Otherwise, good luck.

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