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The Weirder it Gets, the Stranger it Looks

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

We can’t see where the increments of change begin and end. All we can garner from the affair is that one day we are in another one, different than the one before. Sometimes the differences are dramatic and sometimes they are subtle but no one can argue against the fact that things are changing rapidly and no one can predict accurately what is going to happen next. This is due to the X Factor of the invisible side of things that plays into the field of action. Most feel they have no control over any of it, outside of their small sphere of influence. Then there are those who believe they have a great deal of control, followed by those who think they are in control. Every one of these groups are wrong, one way or another.

Several major newsgathering sites link to my work, or used to link to my work, on a regular basis. One of them hasn’t posted anything by me in several days and hasn’t responded to any of my emails. A couple of years ago, this same newsgathering site did not print my work for about one year. This happened after repeated efforts on my part to reach the person in charge, until I finally quit trying. At the end of the year I am referencing, I noted that this particular newsgatherer was experiencing some difficulty in disseminating his work. I wrote him to say that despite how he may feel about me, I wanted to give him some assistance. He wrote back to tell me that he had no idea what I was talking about and would like me to explain what I meant about the way he feels about me. He said he loved my work and that was all there was to it. Boy am I glad I never blamed him or spoke out against him (grin)

I had noted that my work would sometimes get linked at this site over that year but that was mostly due to a member of the newsgathering site, taking it upon himself to see that it was linked. I don’t know what happened but I assume it has something to do with Google mail and then with Yahoo mail, which I was using to inform newsgathering sites of a new posting.

Everything appeared to straighten out with this particular newsgathering site and I began to get linked there again. Then, recently, several times I was not linked and I inquired and was told that he hadn’t received any email from me. Now, I can’t get through at all again. I just heard from him at the most recent Smoking Mirrors before this, so... as you can see, something is afoot.

Meanwhile, another newsgathering site has begun to not receive my emails and when I inquire, I am told it didn’t get through. As it stands now, I haven’t been linked at either of these sites most recently and inquires that I have sent out have not been replied to. I just visited one of these newsgathering sites and I find that one of my recent posts has now gone up, along with a Patrick Willis rendering of my piece, “Should the Japanese apologize for Pearl Harbor. The latest Profiles in Evil has not gone up but that could be for any number of reasons.

Someone or several someone’s, with sophisticated access and abilities, is shutting down my ability to communicate with the people who account for the larger portion of my internet traffic. I am recommending that, if you want to keep following my work, you become a ‘follower’ with Google Friend Connect (irony alert). You’ll see the list and icon of followers in the right hand column of any of my blogs. I believe this means you get informed when I put something up. If that is not the case, then I hope some reader will suggest a medium by which I can inform the reader of new content. All of the blogs have been moved to ‘secure’ backup sites, in case the Zio-Ogres who control the media and most areas of information sharing, decide to employ some of the strategies that they took over or invented the mediums to control.

I will go on trying to stay in communication with these newsgathering sites but there’s no guarantee that I can pull this off. You’re on your own in terms of staying in touch with what I do, should that interest you. If some of you are receiving regular, automatic updates, I would appreciate your comment explaining how you do this.

A reader wrote me yesterday to tell me that it was getting really weird everywhere. He said that an old friend just unloaded on him with no explanation whatsoever. Yesterday I had the same thing happen but it was more subtle.

Humanity has a very serious enemy and that is whoever is behind the violent superimposition of the false country of Israel, over the former land of Palestine. This enemy has been behind all sorts of horrible events through history, including the World Wars, the slave trade, the millions of dead in the Russian gulags and the Ukraine, plus Armenian holocausts as well as some number of other holocausts. They were even behind the creation of their own holocaust, which they have presently turned into a religion of death worship. They control your politicians around the globe. They control the banks. They control the media and entertainment industries, Wall Street and many other things. They control the curriculum in the school systems and they control the record and perception of history. They make up a very small percentage of world population. They and those who serve them, make up a tiny minority of the population.

Israel has to go and she will be going fairly soon. The banks have to fail and they will. Control of the various industries must be removed from their hands and this is going to happen too. They are behind just about every major injury and insult against the human race at this time. They are the chosen offspring of the Prince of Darkness and it being a dark age, the appearance of their power is great. They are going down in every sense of the word and we are in the midst of the process that is bringing them there.

They lie about everything, while creating false flag events that they blame on those they seek to destroy. They are controlling Governor Walker and everyone like him and they also control the democratic side of it too. The unions are screaming out with another degree of self interest, not unlike those who operate the robot Governor Walker. Mostly they just want their pay checks and don’t care about who did 9/11 or all of the wholesale mass murder, being done around the world in the name of America and the UK/Crown colonies at the order of their controllers in Israel. Now the Pedophile Pope has just made more extensive changes to the content of the Bible, in favor of those who falsely represent themselves as the actual people of the book, which is all the proof you need that it has been altered to suit certain agendas, since soon after it was written. Anyone, who isn’t a Gnostic or an Essene, or someone of similar simplicity and character, is a dupe; a fool and a worshipper of The Dark Throne. This goes for all of the religions on the planet, which each have a splinter of truth buried in the midst of the bullshit.

At present there is no such thing as a democracy and no real difference between any of the representative political parties. The judiciary is uniformly corrupt, especially the higher judiciaries. Corporations rule the world in tandem with the bankers and these are the kind of people who will keep a kitten alive on life support, so that they can continue to stab it with a fork. These are the sort of people who will ask you if you know the difference between a whore and an onion. Then when you say you don’t, they will tell you that the onion made them cry when they were cutting it up. It’s not a joke and they’re not waiting around for you to laugh. If they’re laughing, its not because they think it’s funny. They’re laughing because the awareness of evil fills them with mirth.

These alien entities are about to get what’s coming to them. This is going to happen because there is no alternative. There is no medical treatment for hydrophobia, after a certain stage of the process.

While there is still the opportunity, I suggest that the reader make arrangements for when my work will no longer be readily available in the places where you may have been accustomed to finding it. I can easily understand why any number of people may have no interest in hearing what I have to say, I am not addressing you and never have been.

Over the course of my time on the internet I have been excoriated by a number of information dissemination sites. One person felt I was teaching forbidden information. One group of people, claiming communication from other dimensions in time, trounced me for occasional use of psychotropics, while having no problem with alcohol use. I get regular letters from people, telling me about actions taken against them by this group of altruists. I’ve had large sites appear out of the blue, soliciting my material and then making me jump through hoops to get it to them, as if they were doing me a favor by making my work available, when I never asked them to. This is why I’ve never done this for money. The ad for ayurvedic treatment of kidney stones, newly on my sites, is because I believe the fellow has a cure. He doesn’t even know I put it up, although he may by now. People make all sorts of strange demands on me, as if I was employed by them and people say they don’t trust me when I never asked them to. People tell me I’m a Zionist agent; no doubt I will soon hear that I mistreat my dogs. Furthermore, I don’t debate, I state. I don’t argue or feel the need to prove my points. Take it or leave it.

I have also not mentioned the names of any of these sites and I don’t malign them, even though I could. I could say plenty. I don’t. I’d like to think I have more class than that. You know who the enemy is and, if you don’t, you’re under their spell or afraid of them. Neither of these applies to me. I wish all of you a good day, sincerely. The day will come when we shall all see with a great deal more clarity. That day is not yet here.

Much love...

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