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The Things that You see When You're Riding out Here.

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‘May the scent on the wind remind you of the long forgotten dreams of an earlier search”.

The latest and most ominous news is that they have had to abandon the Fukushima nuclear plant because of a surge in radiation and the danger to workers. The Japanese are fleeing Tokyo but I cannot get any idea on the numbers. This is what Jack Welch is up to lately. Some of us are curious about what runs through the mind of Mr. Irascible. Is there anything that can make you stop and think about what you are doing in the moment?

I see the world is in full dress protocol and that means it is important and impressive and the mufti and the military presence enhance the dimensions of this reality TV theater of the absurd, in all the venues where it is playing, moving from theater to theater, person to person, country to country; revolution sweeps across the Middle East and nuclear radiation is a condiment on your Caesar Salad, here at the Ides of March.

Let’s go back to; what are you doing at the moment? What are you thinking? If you missed the link in contemporary Jack Welch; where is he these days? This grants a mindset into that and then you check the pedigree of the source for the article and you get an idea of whatever ‘shuffle off to Buffalo’, misdirect, pose and dispense, watered down with pure pervasiveness of chipmunk chatter on global, radioactive dead log, cut down by Weyerhaeuser and maybe... maybe... you see that the real problem in the world is that we have let bad people do what they wanted to do, in exchange for the illusion of a life filled with promises that turned out to be lies. It appears that Jack and G.E. and all the rest have been operating under an umbrella company called Lies R Us.

Half Past Human made a prediction about some kind of a cloud that goes around the world nine times and looking at the world presently you can almost see that Half Past Human appears to be more than half past right. The biggest marriage of the season is not the pending union of the reality TV prince at Westminster Abbey, but rather the marriage between the BP/Rothschild/Crown Colony Gulf of Mexico disaster and the Japanese reactor disaster. Forget Will and Kate because this is the marriage that will give new meaning to ‘be fruitful and multiply’, in reverse.

The absurdity of the British Crown is amply displayed in Prince William’s, egalitarian intention to “pack Westminster Abbey with children, volunteers and the homeless in a unique People’s Wedding”. It really is touching, “Those likely to receive an invitation could include destitute teenagers from the homeless charity Centrepoint. The prince spent a night sleeping rough on the streets of London in support of their plight last year.” Well, you can see why the world is in the state it’s in by scanning the right hand menu of links where I got this from. But will these new friends, from this one night stand, be invited to tea with the queen this summer? Uh huh. I can honestly say that given the opportunity, I would decline out of fear of terminal, vicarious embarrassment. I would probably ‘freak out’ and start to satirize the environment. I REALLY would not be able to help myself. Yes, mum.

This is just one of the selections from that right hand menu at that online pseudo-Murdoch (next up for Profiles in Evil) rag and it qualifies as kiddie porn along with criminal writing and all kinds of assorted abuses. This kind of thing will kill you just as surely as nuclear radiation and that is my point. We here, are working with the divine’s, product placement plan ...and that is a bit different than whatcha see on the telly. I do believe I am speaking in tongues (grin).

What is the template for a better world? Is it this or is it this?

Well, I think it is this, which puts me world’s apart from others but in a common field with many of you. The terrible misfortune in Japan is either the result of intentions and cultures, previously mentioned, coming in contact with a reinvigorated Lady Nature, or it is the result of someone playing the HAARP in concert with the rest ...but something I know with a degree of certitude is that higher forces come into play, whenever you try to play with higher forces. Higher forces like to play. I know this from experience. Once I was in Joshua Tree National Monument with a couple of people and on about five orange barrel drums of that magnificent Brotherhood of Love acid from Idyllwild and... enormous cobra serpents appeared, towering forty or fifty feet in the air, coiled and raised; holographic visible presence, sitting on the sands.

They sucked the sand and the atmosphere up into their forms and then snorted it out into wind dervishes that we danced with. These were extremely powerful, as one of my associates discovered. You danced ‘with’ them, toreador style. If you dance with them you can spin and leap and sail across spaces not possible in ordinary time/space dimensions. I was there and I kept doing it all day, frolicking. The energies of the universe are beyond comprehension and the idea that it’s not conscious of itself is an interesting delusion, which I leave to every individual to sort out for themselves, because that part is up to you. I reference the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. You have to extend your hand for the hand extended.

Given what I have personally been through, I have no doubt that the maestro is just warming up and has everything in hand and... it will certainly get even spookier as we go. Think about it... here’s your planet; seven continents, seven oceans, seven tones, seven octave planets, seven chakras, seven come eleven and all kinds of other seven something’s. There is the material plane and then there are the esoteric planes with an ‘as above, so below’ kind of way, meaning dark and light side as well. You have players on the material plane and some select few are in the service of a certain someone and then there are gradations of decreasing selectivity, going down the ranks.

The light density of the times makes it so that there is a disproportion between those who serve their true best interests and those who serve someone else’s interests and in many cases, mistake the result as freedom or profit, when it is neither. We are seeing and experiencing what happens to the world when the wrong people are allowed to have their way with her (for a time). Everything that is happening is an example of greed and lust unaccompanied by integrity and restraint.

Is someone playing on their HAARP? I have no idea. I know they would if they could and I know that doesn’t change the dynamic. It is fashionable to say that the universe inclines toward chaos. I submit that that has to do with the perceptual abilities of the one viewing it and the timeline they use. I don’t see chaos generally, unless myopia is a factor and I think it has something to do with self interest. Self interest skewers ones visioning according to its own intentions with indifference to truth.

I remember a Sufi tale about how someone comes in and sets a stage, a drama is performed and then the stage is dismantled and set up again somewhere else. That’s what is happening. This is the fulfillment of the myth invested in. It is now encountering reality. Everything does encounter it eventually. Better to encounter it sooner rather than later and even better to have it carry you there willingly and in support of it.

I don’t know which details go where. I do get some idea of the picture being presented. My position is to watch and learn and turn my energies to positive courses. If I know it all works out for the best on every level then the only thing remaining is to adjust myself. That’s usually where the problem lies. As I said in an earlier post, which a reader said should be highlighted, “What needs to be understood is that people who behave like this should be dealt with as soon as they appear ...and the inability of society to do so, is its biggest failing”. Even more certain, is to arrange to catch the appearance of what is undesirable, by virtue of laws and constitutions designed to protect against these things. The best situation is when the public itself is aware of the need to police itself as job one. Of course, you are talking about Sattva Yuga, not Kali Yuga.

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