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Jacque Fresco, on Behalf of Humanity; I Call him Friend

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Jacque Fresco is a good man, but he is more than that. He is a great man and one of the most powerful visionaries of the age who has never received his due. He’s spent his life serving the public, tirelessly and under the radar, now he is under attack by people who are suspicious of him. It’s not like they have anything real to hang their slander on. It’s not like he’s remotely similar to the Neo-Pharisees, the Zio-Ogres, the banking and corporate vampires, the politicians, the majority of religious leaders and sundry. You have only to listen to him speak to know his heart but if you don’t possess one, or it has been made inactive, then I guess you can’t hear can you?

They’re really down on him for his perceived anti-Christian position. You can add me to that list. You can add lovers of truth and beauty from over the last age to that list. What isn’t being said is that he’s not opposed to Jesus Christ, whoever that was and he’s not opposed to anything real but he is opposed to propaganda and mind control and the mass murder of hundreds of millions; burning at the stake, inquisition and torture chambers; the suppression of natural and ancient wisdom, the selling out of the ineffable to the dreadful, the use of Crusades mentality to exterminate the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, vicious religious intolerance, riding shotgun with the military industrial complex to murder the innocent ...and a host of other crimes, like milking the impoverished of the undeveloped worlds for the benefit of bankers and fat cats in drag, worshiping a god of malevolence, instead of a God of forgiveness, understanding, generosity and peace. I stand with Jacque and note that he must be close to the truth to draw such rancor.

When you look at the detractors you can see the level of ignorance and headhunting going on. When someone’s headline screams “absolute proof” and you don’t get any, I think that is an indication of something far more important than insinuation. It usually means they went to school at Fox News. Nowhere have I discovered Jacque or Roxanne engaged in anything nefarious. What you have is insinuation by association. This becomes ludicrous when you consider that Jacque is seeking to change the world. How do you do that without engaging it? You can’t judge someone’s desire to change the world, prior to their ever having an opportunity to do it, unless their associations are long term, deep in with the known planetary pond scum and for some reason the wardens of righteousness never seem to catch or halt the real bad guys like Stalin, Bush and you know the lineup.

I suggest that one see the film Future by Design and remind yourself that his detractors are probably extras in the film Drive Angry 3D.

Something that rarely gets discussed is the strange internet contingent of ‘all things negative’ conspiratists that label every single Mason, as if they were every single Muslim, as being evil. They lump in all the Theosophists, including Krishnamurti and the bevy of illumined occultists, who work for the good of all ‘behind’ the background of events. All I have to do is say that “not all Masons are evil” and invariably people pop out of the woodwork to accuse me of working for the New World Order. They claim that The Rosicrucians are evil without the slightest knowledge of what Rosicrucians actually do. I should point out that one must never confuse an existing external order with a less visible esoteric aspect.

I am myself working for ‘a’ new world order. It just happens not to be the same new world order as, possibly some other new world order. I definitely want a new world, which is a revamping of the old world and I definitely want it orderly in a natural, as opposed to an enforced, way. EVERYONE IS NOT EVIL. Everyone who ever met any Pope, which would include Michelangelo (no doubt a pre-illuminati agent, whose paintings conceal all sorts of arcane symbology that operates as pre-cursors to the Proctor and Gamble sigil-grin), are not evil. Everyone who had lunch in the same restaurant with Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin or shared a cab with Tottie Fields is not evil.

Here is how it works. This is the truth and whatever opinion differs, is influenced by superstition or ignorance of cosmic forces; this is a dark age and evil has the upper hand, appearance wise. It is altogether possible that a larger number of the members of any organization may be operating out of self interest or generic stupidity. However, there is a less obvious and generally unseen side of the equation that comprises other groups and sometimes includes members of all sorts of groups, who are tirelessly working for human freedom and enlightenment. There are two kinds of secret societies on the planet and always have been. One serves the darkness, knowingly or unknowingly and one serves the light, consciously.

Whenever an organization becomes corrupt, due to certain planetary arrangements, which are part of the cosmic plan, the selfless servants for the greater good, depart and re-form elsewhere. The whole spectrum of life is a movie, an outplaying of a timeless lesson that repeats over and over again and is always summed up in an Apocalypse, where the truth is revealed in stages and by degrees. Apocalypse is another word for Revelation. We are in a time of uncovering, of revealing and you are going to see what is what, whether you like it or not.

Jacque Fresco and his tireless friend and assistant, Roxanne, are working for a better world. It is entirely possible that they don’t have all the answers. It is entirely possible that they are in the position I am of, ‘learning as you go’. One thing I know about Jacque, or think I know, from observing him, is that he is into ‘what works’ in terms of the greatest good.  He lives simply and modestly. He entertains ordinary people and puts on no airs. He is a humble, inspired and wonderful human being and those calling him a fraud don’t know what they are talking about.

We’ve all got some kind of warts during an incarnation. We wouldn’t be here otherwise, unless we were some kind of a bodhisattva and those come with intentional warts, more often than not for the purpose of humanizing themselves in order to get some work done. Jacque would be the first person to tell you he is not without flaws, though they would not be the flaws his detractors are so casual at dispensing.

Are we never supposed to have a world that works? Is all technology bad? How quickly would your mind change about all that once you lose what you have and most of that isn’t even good technology. I would love to live in Jacque’s world, though I tend to prefer to remain on the outskirts of any world, including Heaven itself. I am sure that in Jacque’s world, I could do that. No matter how you analyze or parse it, Jacque’s world is better than the one we are in, by a long stretch. See the damn movie. Visit the Venus Project. Meet the man before you cast aspersions. Look at what he has accomplished in his life, not at what ‘you think’ he will do in some unknown future. Could Jacque’s vision be compromised by the same forces corrupting the world we are presently in? Jacque's world is designed to militate against that very possibility.

Everyone trying to make the world a better place is not working for The Devil. However, everyone who gains a little prominence in any effort immediately becomes suspect. Anyone who succeeds at anything is suddenly a sell out. I watch people sling mud at my friend Jim Coor, with whom I have spent enough time to know the man. They sneer at him because he made a few million dollars as a recording artist. He has abandoned that career to work for the good of his Irish brothers and sisters and the world at large. He is tireless in his efforts. He’s a genuinely humble and beautiful human being. I speak from personal knowledge of the man but he’s routinely assaulted because he has money. I could give a lot of examples but far fewer than I wish there were and they all catch it for their efforts to assist the unseeing.

If you are going to criticize something or someone, I suggest you be informed about it or them. Don’t go ranting around like a lunatic about illuminati, Masons and secret societies. There will never be a time when those are not in residence, because both the kingdoms of good and evil have their agents on the planet at all times and there is always some kind of a structure in which they meet; from caves in the deep Himalayas to an unpreposing townhouse in a large city. There is always a tradition and a teaching that is maintained by these organizations (the good ones) against dark ages when they have all but vanished from human affairs. I have offered The Secret Teachings of all Ages, several times; it describes in detail for those who are willing to be instructed. Oh right, he was Mason, shudder. You want to live in the dark that’s fine with me. Keep in mind that a lot of the time you are cursing the light and biting the hand that feeds you.

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