Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Desperate Dreams of the Demon Spawn.

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‘Be kind to the dogs. The Tibetans say that dog are the reincarnation of monks who didn’t make the grade’.

When I look at a situation, I like to factor in the variables and what I intuit about trends and players. So, until I hear ‘definitively’ otherwise, I’m one hundred percent assuming that Israel did the Jerusalem bombing in order to gear up to pound Gaza yet again. They’ve been launching bottle rockets into their own territory again (my considered assumption) and the circumstantial proof of that is that they rarely hit anything, much less anyone. Then they go and exterminate children on soccer fields. They just arbitrarily kill without conscience. If you are a committed and compulsive thief then... stealing is like breathing and they are determined to steal the greater Zion of ‘ersatz’ Israel.

A lot of things are going on off the screen of the mass media; Egypt has entered into dialogue with Hamas and supplies are flowing into Gaza again. In May there is supposed to be (millions?) a whole lot of Palestinians marching to Gaza. Flotillas are being engineered and the corresponding changes in the Arab world do not bode well for Israel, no matter what they get up to in attempts to manage it. They’re on the wrong side of history and my projection is that they are ‘screwed, blued and tattooed’. Well, they’re not a country in any case, as I never tire of saying; they are a criminal enterprise of the satanically spawned, Rothschild dynasty.

A lot is going on in the background off camera. World leaders are being threatened and intimidated. Attempts are made on their lives. The truth about despicable historical revisionism is coming out into the light of day and it is accelerating. That’s the key. This is all speeding up and it is all under the aegis of a conscious authority. You can believe what you like in this regard but I’ve had to trust both the seen and unseen worlds through my whole life and the unseen world wins, hands down. The only place I have any problems with the unseen is in the matter of timing. I always expect things to occur sooner than they do. I hear things in one time frame and expect them in another... my own.

What you have to do in order to survive and even flourish, is to enter into a particular mindset. You have to tell yourself that you are living in the new world and that everything around you is plastic and transforming. You have to convince yourself that what you see are mere appearances and often not an indicator of what is coming. We’ve all been wrong a lot of time, certainly I have and we’ve expected and predicted things that didn’t show up on time. Maybe the USPS handles that end of it (grin).

There can be no doubt that there are a variety of pincher movements directed at the mass of humanity. Huge psychopathic lobsters are herding and dividing humanity for their purposes and they’ve got the lawmakers and law interpreters in their hip pocket. Witness the recent Supreme Noahide Court’s ruling in favor of the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention their making it legal for corporations to buy elections. That crew of Zionazi vultures has got to go.

This herding involves cutting off natural remedies for the public suffering under pathologies created by those cutting them off. They are making it illegal to grow food unless you are a vampire squid. They are groping the travelers coming and going and whose purpose is intimidation alone. Napolitano and Pistole are direct employees of Rothschild Inc, just as Skull Chertoff was earlier and, of course, Lieberman heads the committee. They want to put the public in a state of desperation so they can control the answer to, “Who’s your Daddy”?

When these fiends seek to intimidate on this scale it means they are softening up the public for some very bad activity, resulting in schlecht schmerz. Cosmic cans of whoop ass are being created and the house is buying the rounds. There can be only so many possibilities in the minds of the Demon Spawn; population reduction, marginal living conditions, global controls brought about by engineered events, poisoned foodstuffs, epidemic maladies treated by bad pharmaceuticals and all of this is a portion of the ongoing chemical and media, mind control efforts of the Demon Spawn.

The only practical way to look at all of this is to convince yourself it’s a movie. The collective dream is the film and... just like in a theater, the people watching are getting different things from what’s taking place on the screen. Some people miss all kinds of details and some very few. Some interpret them correctly and some don’t. That’s an important thing to remember; just because you spot something doesn’t mean you understand it. However, that’s what the intuition is for. Kick the perception inward and see what comes back. The more you do it, the clearer it becomes. You can’t gain the facility of anything you don’t practice. That is why all the problems you have in the world start with you because you are (supposed to be) in control of how you react. Eh?

If you look at it as a movie, you realize it has been scripted, cast and is being directed. Few of the players are viscerally aware of the implications of their behavior, or where the movie is going. They are aware of where they want it to go and... depending on their position of authority, on that depends their certainty of result; the best laid plans of men and mice. Most all of those in a position of authority, consider themselves the emperor of destiny. They are not. This means that, regardless of their intentions, the film is moving toward a prearranged conclusion. They’re kept in the dark about this (for the moment).

The movie is a moral tale. It’s an Aesop’s Fable writ large. If you can see it as a movie and if you can get the concept that the director is benevolent (despite appearances), then you can have resilience and confidence concerning what’s incoming. This is very important, not just in quality of life but in results. There’s a certain ‘dinner theatre’ looseness to the film, which includes the possibilities of a degree of improvisation. Your knowing that help is always available, makes for a greater sense of well-being. It also depreciates the potential for stupid action. Good judgment is the direct result of bad judgment. We’ve all been that route and would prefer the alternative.

I have good reason for saying these things today because, if you see a lot of scary and inexplicable events, you can get it in your mind that snafu and ‘we are all doomed’ are operative mindsets. If you take if for granted that everything is under control, you might just start to get shown to what degree that is true. If you’re looking for something, you often spot it when you might not have. Some people are detail oriented and some people are big picture guys. I’m a big picture guy. Big picture guys have long fingers. Detail people have short fingers; a little anecdotal digression.

We’re waiting on a Sarajevo moment. Global conflict seems inevitable but... you never know. All of the players are making ready in the event of it. You can imagine the conversations going on behind the scenes, with the diplomatic agents of the various powers. You can also imagine what many of them know, without their coming right out and saying it. The worst of us fully intends to have it their way; intends to genocide the inhabitants, whose land they are stealing and to let all of us know they will take the whole house down with them if they have to. They can’t actually do this but they can cause a lot of mischief, as they already intend to and have been. Principally they have to be stopped. That immediately changes the political climate all over the place. They have to be stopped, not only in their central location, but in all the realms where they are exerting undue influence.

You’ve got two factors at work, the socio-political considerations that are acting out and... Mother Nature. She’s the active side of the director. The other side of the director is working within the minds of those who believe they have the wind at their back. Maybe they do but there is the question of the rudder. In tandem with these two larger external forces comes the general awakening of the populations. That is also accelerating. The time is coming when not a day will pass without startling events, outer and inner. The outer is just a projection of the inner anyway. Consider the workings of your eyes.

I just want everyone to know that no matter how bad it gets, there’s more than one way to perceive and respond to conditions. The best thing you can do is to look within and identify the things that can get you into trouble and get rid of them. You know what these things are because it’s already happened before (grin). Our concern has to be with monitoring ourselves and, of course, being helpful where we can. The bad news is the news we haven’t gotten yet and the good news is that we’re a lot closer to it being over than we were. Just keep in mind that you are always at a railroad crossing so... stop, look and listen.

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Patrick Willis narrates:
Bend Over and Wait

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