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The Dark Side of the Devic Realm Rising

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'May your noses be hoses for shimmering lines of the divine's finest comestible'.

I guess I have to speculate a little. The reason for that is that a significant portion of people do not believe in Mother Nature as a conscious force. Of course that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you believe in werewolves or not, if you happen to get torn apart by one. It didn’t affect the actual operation of The Sun and Earth when The Pope had Galileo tortured for proclaiming it did what it did (one of my favorite images), as opposed to what ‘they’ said it did; Earth revolves around Sun, Sun does not revolve around Earth.

I picked a fanciful example and a real example. I believe in werewolves and vampires. I just don’t think they are the same as what movies tell us they are but...if you hang out in Hollywood for any length of time, you will run into werewolves and vampires; the real ones. You can get torn to pieces in a number of ways and you can have all the life force sucked out of you. You need to get the metaphor end of it to see what I’m talking about. Hollywood is one of those places where vampires and werewolves live. Las Vegas is another and so are most of the large, glittering cities on the planet.

Vampires and werewolves are very active in politics and in the corporate arena. They have their chosen turf and you have to go there to run into them. It’s the same as with ghouls. You have to go to a fresh battlefield, or anywhere that large numbers of dead bodies show up, to see them.

We celebrate these creatures on Halloween and they are all part of the dark side of The Devic Realm, which is why you don’t want to go wandering around in there without a guide or the permission of my friend, Ganesha. If you put ‘The Devic realm’ into a search engine, you don’t get much. That’s surprising when you think of it. This area of existence is where all the spirits of Nature live; the elementals, chimerical creatures, devas, elves, fairies and many curious entities. It is also populated by a dark side as well. It is a parallel world to our own. The two interact; more at some times than at others, less so in times of darkness, except for the darker side, which is how it is now. They are still around; you just can’t see them as well. Clairvoyants and mystics see them, now and then.

When I was living on Maui, at one point I was managing a resort out toward Hana. This was a very small resort in the jungle and it was not unusual for there to be no one there but me. I was the only employee. One day, while walking about, I saw a silver shimmer; a brilliant electronic weaving object that looked like a short scarf. It was undulating and moving right along side me as I went, a few feet away. I could hear it speaking to me. I was thrilled. Whenever I went outdoors it was there. One day, I happened to tell a former girlfriend of mine about it. She’s very new age, I might add. I didn’t think anything about it and I told her in town. When I got back, my companion was gone and never returned again. You can imagine my dismay. It’s hard to know when you are supposed to keep quiet about certain things and when it’s okay to talk about them.

I’ve been saying for some time that your real concern should be the activities of Mother Nature as opposed to the geo-political fortunes of the time. There’s a good reason for this. Although there are some number of us who are partially awakened and more who are coming awake, due to the release of certain forces into the human dynamic. A large portion of us, refuse to wake up; are determined not to wake up and snarl and lash out in somnolent anger at any intrusion into our dreams. Because of this intransigence, it is necessary for the whole structure of manufactured, shared reality, to be shaken to its core.

Last May and June, I was involved in a continuous supernatural experience, where the gates of The Devic Realm were opened and a hyper-realistic drama with a complex plot, unrolled before me. I came to the edge of death finally, in this, oh so powerful, series of events. At one period I didn’t sleep for two weeks and felt no need for it. Other times I didn’t eat or sleep for a week. You can imagine how this amplified what I was going through. The climax of this series of experiences was two days with Mother Nature in which she got her powers back. I can’t remember a lot of the details now but...the crux of the matter seemed to be that she had been placed under a spell by the architects of our extended, manufactured reality. Through a Byzantine series of steps in an intricate ritual, everything was changed and I was told that we were soon going to see dramatic examples of Mother Nature’s returned abilities. This is what we are seeing now and this is merely a prelude. There is no implication on my part that the Japanese are any more asleep than anyone else. Volcanoes and earthquakes are going off all over the place and they are going to intensify. You haven’t seen any real tsunamis yet; not hardly. The venerable Edgar Cayce predicted this. You can find plenty more on your own.

The pending meltdown of the Japanese nuclear reactors is especially troubling and, as usual, humanity, in its arrogance, never thinks to build these structures away from the reach of certain forces; of course an earthquake can appear anywhere and simply swallow the reactor whole but you would think the ocean could be guarded against to some degree.

I’d like to say here that, although I have a role in this whole matrix, so do many, many other people and the fact that I had a particular experience does not cancel out the very real possibility that others have had even greater experiences and communications. I’m just one small player in this huge affair and never want to give the impression that I think otherwise. The information and your own internal awareness, are both more important than I am and I have the unenviable position (grin) of being informed immediately, whenever I overstep my boundaries.

I can be a reckless sort and I attribute all of my recent health difficulties to the state of extremis that I was brought to last year. That seems to be passing away now, I sincerely hope.

Some of us are aware of what has taken place at Findhorn and other locations. Some of us know what light workers in the heart of darkness and the far reaches of rustic locations are up to. All of the darkness that has been swirling about is counter-pointed by light, breaking through in a thousand locations and we will be seeing things that dwarf what took place at Findhorn, as the new epoch comes upon us. Along with an age of brotherhood, we are going to see direct interactions between humanity and The Devic Realm and it is from The Devic Realm that all sorts of surprising knowledge, wisdom and technology are going to appear.

Sure, HAARP may have some role to play in what’s going on and we can clearly see that the governments, banks and corporations are making war on the public. They are just as much under control as are the ‘seemingly’ uncontrolled forces of Nature, presently at work. When I walk outdoors now, I can feel the invisible electricity crackling in the air. Don’t worry about the man behind the curtain. He’s going to appear on YouTube shortly, along with hard and irrefutable evidence of what he’s been up to. I am afraid that some of it is going to be very embarrassing.

I looked at the huge pictures of what was taking place in Japan; the videos of massive waves, tossing houses into each other and cars by the hundreds pouring over falls and...I had no feelings that I could connect to feelings I have had in the past, when I have witnessed such things. I don’t feel apprehensive. I don’t feel uncertain or shaken at all. I can’t account for this. It’s like I’m watching a newsreel but something else is taking place behind the events that I am watching, but which I cannot see. Whatever it is, it calms me and I know it’s about to get much more suspenseful, exciting and thrilling (if I can put a positive spin on it) than it has been. Until now, events and conditions have always stopped a little short of being truly world changing; like the big tsunami of a few years ago, the Haitian earthquake and the various false flags and political chicanery that’s been pro forma for the last couple of decades. We haven’t had events that left millions missing, or whole countries changed beyond recognition. We are about to.

I can’t really speculate about numbers and I’m not a prophet or a seer. My occupations are in a related and different field but...I can say, you’re right in it now and things like this are all you are going to be seeing, except for brief respites here and there, including things that will be off-the-charts mystifying and awe-making. I keep saying it; go within and make contact; operators are standing by (grin). Be well and strive, strive, strive.

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I’m going to break with the tradition of putting one of my songs down here; working to record a lot of new material and that will begin showing up in early Summer. Meanwhile, as spectacular as Patrick Willis has been in bringing life to some of my works and imbuing it with a power greater than anything I put there (grin), I think he really outdid himself on this one. If you don’t get what the piece is about, just ask and I will say something in the comments section but I can’t imagine not tumbling to it.

Patrick Willis narrates:
The Big One

I don’t know why it feels like I should keep writing. I want to give you words of comfort and virtual hugs. It’s like I can really feel you out there but, maybe just saying this is enough.

If you do find you can’t access sites or can’t comment, hang in there. Apparently they can’t do much except briefly (so far). Send me your comment by email and I’ll put it in. Try to include it with your squawk about not being able to comment.

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