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The Hidden History and our Invisible Guides.

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At the metaphysical site yesterday, I tried to share certain information that I consider critical to the times that are now fast approaching. I’m a student of occult history. Basically, what that means is the hidden history that is not generally known, as opposed to the commonly accepted lies and exaggerations that make up the history they don’t hide, because they have no shame and because it profits them.

It’s well known, to those who have studied occult history that certain individuals show up at critical times. The Comte de St. Germain and Cagliostro (or someone calling themselves by those names- grin) appeared prior to the French Revolution and directly warned a number of people about what was coming. Few heeded them. It’s said that Marie Antoinette saw St. Germain from the cart carrying her to execution. Cagliostro was supposed to be in The Bastille when they stormed it. He was not present. You hear tales of these men being charlatans, the same way you see Helena Blavatsky routinely slandered by people who never met her.

Hysteria is running manic in the halls of the moment. Hallway monitors are clapping blackboard erasers together and looking for suspicious behavior, or any opportunity to put some polish on their brown noses. Uninformed experts on all secret societies are unrestrained in their caterwauling, about how every member of every society that has ever been are all evil. These are the people who make up the Jacobins in any revolution. Neither side of the equation is ever in the right, because they seek predominance, instead of harmony; that’s why the chief occupation of those who fill the empty suits, is to sell the centrist and moderate candidacies, even though they are anything but what they are painted.

Make no mistake; the world is going to be stood on its head by socio-political upheaval and by Mother Nature. You can include the shifting of the magnetic poles by the latter into the equation. Consonant with this, large portions of the population are going to go demonstrably insane. They are already mad but still operating along predictable routines, which give the impression of sanity but they are not sane, nor willing to become so.

Into this restless uncertainty; this cauldron of confused and ever changing shapes, are appearing light workers who mean to assist those seeking the same. Because I know they are here and continuing to arrive, I feel like I ought to mention it. I usually get three crowds of visitors to my sites; those who begin to read the material and find that it’s not the sort of meat and potatoes- the material world is all there is- people and they soon go away, the people who hear a resonance and continue to return, the people who take my words and replace them with other words so that they can announce themselves as an alternative but don’t actually possess one. Everyone’s welcome and it’s my hope they’ll take anything useful and apply it to their lives.

Fundamentally schooled Christians from that religion, long ago hijacked by the neo-Pharisees, get antsy about malefic spirits and want to do their ‘my way or the highway’, the Holy Spirit is the only spirit thing. Powerful entities for good and ill are here this moment and some of them are operative in the minds of thousands due to sympathetic resonance to whatever they represent. It will become much clearer and a great deal more confusing shortly and each of us will be drawing from the well of our choice. Our well of choice is determined by the values we hold. Every sincere seeker is guided by one force and tested by another. These are both variant applications of a single force, engaged in a process of tempering and refining. All of the social, political and religious traditions that have been established for a length of time are now passing away. They are going to be dramatically transformed, according to the new template that impresses itself upon the world of form, as you read these words.

The degree of personal pain coming can be determined by the degree of attachment held for the things being recycled. Some people are neck deep in dogma and cant and couldn’t bear the thought that their whored out doctrines are going to be replaced with new living creeds and a rearrangement of the archetypes. A lot of people have their own identity knitted up with that of the tradition they worship in. It’s an extension of their ego and a guarantee that they are right and everyone else is wrong. They can’t seem to accept that there’s only one deity and that it is the same one in every religion and that the prophets and saviors were all extensions of the same eternal personality, manifesting in different ways to adjust to the cultures and mores that it appears in.

That personality is afoot again in the heart of humanity, where it is permitted to come, barring that, the antithesis is in residence. This is no time and no place to be stuck in the mire of bankrupt traditions. The living truth is on the doorstep and you will see it in every transformative act that is sweeping away the crystallized evil and deception that has held the world in thrall.

A lot of expensive funerals are on the menu for people like D. Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and assorted. Their hour of departure is drawing nigh and you will see the truth of ‘the bigger the limousine, the bigger the asshole inside’. Israel’s final days are at hand and that is a wonderful prospect to consider. The power is being removed from the applications controlled by the TPTB and they’re not going to handle that very well. All power is on loan from one source. Both the evil and the good exist for demonstration purposes, in this TV show called Life. Just as the poles are shifting, the balance of power is shifting into other hands. It’s all orchestrated and it’s all under control. The same way that they say you can’t tell the players without a program, guidance is at hand for those willing to imbibe it.

The speed of the changes is accelerating, soon that is going to be awesomely apparent. If you’re putting your trust in the powers of the old world to sort it all out, you are backing the wrong horse. You’re going to see some tragic and comic sights. In these times, justice has a sense of humor and there are no real limits to what may or may not happen.

My suggestion for people to look within for guidance is well founded. Generally the world is allowed to operate in a certain manner and exceptional souls always have the opportunity to motor past those captivated by the sights. Ordinary souls ping pong off of each other with their Karma and play role reversal from lifetime to lifetime. Present time is providing an exception to this long prevailing status quo. Anyone can achieve greatness in this hour and chances for that are abundant.

Out in the quiet of the countryside you can hear the whistle of the train from a long way off. Sooner or later the train is going to pull into the station and no one should be surprised when that happens. People frothing at the mouth with scripture would be well advised to consider that scripture has a living source and that words are without power unless there is a connection to the power that makes them ring. Finding the source and seat of that power is the preeminent concern. Anything else is a waste of time and that is going to be proven in spades.

Every one of us has a pending date with destiny and that destiny can be incredible beyond the reach of words to define or it can be a sad and enduring disappointment. Every time this sort of thing comes around the conditions are the same. People are immersed in trivial, material pursuits. Things begin to go very wrong and then more wrong as the opportunity to catch on, presses itself upon the living situations of everyone present. Irrespective of all the warnings, for some reason, the mass of humanity chooses not to see what is happening. They are going to see however, like it or not.

I’ve said pretty much all I have to say more times than I can recall. I suppose I’ll go on saying these things until I’m transferred to another department. It is important to keep in mind that all of these things are closer than they seem. Well, we’ll see.

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