Sunday, January 2, 2011

You are Invited to the Wedding of Stupidity and Vanity.

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As the times get more intense, as the result of the shit we’ve been fed having expanded to such an all encompassing buffet of deviant taste sensations, running the gamut of every possible combination of shit, presenting itself as whatever we used to enjoy but now only go through the motions of, because... well, because it’s shit and not what we originally were attracted to, we find that the shit has expanded to encompass our entire universe and is forced to compress itself for want of space. It keeps reproducing itself so that it has to keep compressing and the more it compresses, the denser it gets.

As it continues to compress, because it is on a rampage of reproduction, it starts to heat up because, intense compression creates heat. Will this 'first matter', steaming under the silver chaffing dish of Paracelsus, ignite into a flambé of culinary surprise or... will it cause the whole world to catch fire and teach us the meaning of flaming shit? Will we find that the boat of our bright promise is nothing more than a flaming dumpster, surfing the dead waters of dying oceans or, will the compression yield a diamond in the end, despite all our efforts to set ourselves on fire, because we are dumber than a rock and certainly dumber than every woman who believes in rocks and thinks wearing one will make the claws that she calls hands somehow attractive, under the false light of the eminent domain of immeasurable vanity, waiting at the alter for stupidity to make its way before the pedophile priest; there to be joined in unholy matrimony?

Stupidity and vanity is a great match. Together they can easily turn the whole world into shit and retarded Blade Runner replicants, whose singular calling is to make shit into God and work over the face of beauty with box-cutters, until Picasso is the babysitter and Edvard Munch tells you what you’ve done. Don’t worry; you’ve got eternity to enjoy it in. Let me explain to you the meaning of Heaven and Hell. You get to live forever in a world of your own creation, depending on your inspiration. Looks like stupidity and vanity are going to have some interesting holiday get-togethers. I imagine it as something like The Fockers taking the brown acid at Altamont, with the Hell’s Angels, at their getaway in Yucca Mountain, Nevada, forever and ever, with The Stasi, The Cheka and the Khmer Rouge working the door, serving the guests and doing the lap dances.

I’ve got a new litmus test. You may remember that I authored the original litmus test of measuring a person’s integrity, truthfulness and honor against what they have to say about 9/11. It seems like a lot of people who managed some kind of a ‘false positive’ with that one are now bigging up Julian Assange. Julian Assange failed the 9/11 litmus test but somehow that’s okay in the eyes of our new emergent Chomskyites. I suspect the Palestinians really are in trouble when their most lauded and highly paid defenders among the enemy, turn out to be the enemy too. I’m not going to link anything here and I don’t play the sax. I’ll leave it to you to suss it out.

I can’t say I always like my job or the odds, but I’ll be damned like they are if I don’t say what needs to be said, even if I do it a tad obliquely. If you’re not bright enough to get what I’m saying, then I guess you are already thinking about what you are going to wear to the wedding reception. For all I know, you’re a relative. Everyone defending Assange is either in the wedding party or one of the people chaining the exit doors before they set the rented hall on fire.

I’ve been a student of arcane modalities for most of my life. That includes phrenology and a lot of other things that all tend to meld with each other. This is how I can look at someone and decide if I want to talk to them or let them get anywhere near me. I’ve got an astrological chart that shows the presence of camouflaged enemies, all up and down the pike. When I was younger and had my own flings with stupidity and vanity, I was meat, simply because a big heart and a trusting nature can get you into a heap of trouble when you’re one of the people God likes to watch on TV for his own entertainment.

If you are defending Assange and you are being hosted on alternative news gathering sites, you are part of the wedding party. Whether you are sitting on the bride’s side or the grooms doesn’t matter. Generally I would suspect you are with the people who chain the exit doors. Basically, you are a vitriolic HIV mutation that pretends to be the thing pretending to be the thing that is intent on killing others while offering them lunch. There’s no wiggle room here and the good news is that you are outing yourself with every move you make. It gives new meaning to being ridden hard and put away wet.

It’s a wonder of divine precognition that I started getting emails from people a few weeks ago that were telling me that someone I’ve never even mentioned before was a really okay person. Why go through this trouble unless something was coming up that might make me think about it? Baby, I’m thinking about it now and you lose. Anyone defending Andy Warhol lite is deep disinfo and you can take the A train till doomsday’s break but you’re not going to 5/4 yourself into my good graces any time soon. You can take five with Brubeck and you can play at the wedding but you can’t come to my house for the after party no matter how many mansions may exist in my father’s house.

Let me tell you a little secret about the kabala and world rule. Way back before history started getting written, before and after the fact, and wound up being the kind of record you have to play backwards to understand, there was a culture that was ruled by The Chaldeans, they came out of a Sumerian context which came out of something that preceded it and they had a flame alphabet and a magical understanding that you can study in the Sacred Magic of Abramalin the Mage. The whole thing about magic is that it involves intercourse with angels and demons. You’ll find this to be true no matter where you start your inquiries. You’ll also find that it all takes place in your mind and the whole intricate schematic of Ceremonial Magic is just window dressing for The Will, as it enforces and manifests itself. I’m talking from experience; not that I need magic anymore, or ever did. I had it given to me and threw it away; smart move. It won me friends that no fortune on Earth can buy.

Anyway, magic runs in two directions. It’s an abacus and much like the kundalini is can reverse itself. It can accomplish the alchemical marriage or become a calculated butt-fucking for personal profit; forget the pleasure angle, though that is included, it’s not the actual focus, except for the domination of the ones being buggered. Our world today is an expression of what happens when a group of people get their hands on the most efficient means of making anything happen and degrade it into something ugly and profane. It wasn’t theirs to begin with. They stole it and now they’re using it on you 24/7. The good news is that there are representatives of the right application present and the right application beats the wrong application every time; no contest. Patience is the hallmark of those who possess it. Patience has done its job. Remember not to ask God for patience because he will give you something to be patient about. Anyway, the time is at hand and though I’m talking in riddles, kind of, the ones who aren’t in the wedding party are getting it, I hope.

You’ve heard that in 2012 the Earth will reverse its rotation. You’ve heard that the sun is rising more and more to the side of what it was used to doing. You’ve heard a lot of things and most of them are lies but not all of them. I could mention some Biblical statements about false prophets deceiving the very elect but I suspect you know that, unless you are in the wedding party and remember, there are a number of people who think they possess droit de seigneur. This is going to turn out to give a whole new meaning to “go fuck yourself”.

I’m tired of liars and false representatives of the good of the people. I’m tired of people sucking the air out of the room with their own celebrity and all the calculating, preening spokes-ogres for something we don’t even see anymore but we are assured is intact just like the virginity of stupidity and vanity. They are endlessly virgin and standing at the top of the stairs repeating, “Hello Sailor” like one of those pull cord, Mae West dolls. Sorry, those don’t exist except in real life.

You think Assange is legitimate? That means that you are not. You’re defending this albino, Tavistock enhanced, toad because you learned something we already know and didn’t find important, except that it exonerates the people reversing the kabala? Good luck with that. I call them as I see them and there’s no degree of difficulty with that, unless you’re with the wedding party. Well... you party down, cause down is the direction and Mother Earth is waiting to show you how she feels about all the deep respect you’ve shown her.

As I have said a number of times, be very careful about how you treat the feminine principle because that’s the medium that bears you into each new life. The actual definition of karma should be, payback is a bitch”. She doesn’t have to be and she doesn’t want to be. It’s your call. She’s the be all and end all of everything I love and I expect to see her at my own wedding party in the Sahasrara. If you want to see her in the Sahara, since you think you know all about letters and numbers and can’t be fooled, even while you are fooling others, or you want to see her in The Congo or have mistaken punishment for love then, you be my guest and fail the litmus test. Go ahead, make my day.

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