Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Unholy Wars and the Disinfo Age.

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I broke down and went to one of the alternative news gathering sites this morning, while at the internet café. I can’t mention the name of the site because although they used to publish my work on a regular basis, they stopped doing it altogether and never said why. Weird shit (possible profanity alert!) happens in this world. Today I got out of my car to deliver some olive oil to a friend who is the main sound and lighting guy for the musical concerts in this area of the world. When I left his office, I found my dog Poncho outside the door. What the Hell? I went down to the car and it was shut up just like I left it. This kind of thing is becoming routine.

Yesterday I was in the same town and I had stuck my parking ticket in the well beneath the entertainment module and in front of the gear shift. When I went to exit the parking area, I could not find the ticket. I searched all through the well. There hadn’t been anything in there but the ticket and a lighter and not much else. I searched the car and couldn’t find it anywhere. I didn’t get angry (I think that was the point or purpose of the exercise). Then I looked down at the well again and the ticket was very prominently sitting there. I’ve got a lot of similar stories like this. I was told a couple of months ago that strange things were going to start happening and that I should just take it in stride. This came from an unimpeachable, internal source; not surprising that it has proven to be true. Along with this has come the warnings about various things that- when not heeded- go ahead and happen.

What’s all that got to do with anything? I don’t know. Let’s go back to my visit at the alternative newsgathering site. I scanned a weeks worth of headlines to get a feel for how things have been going. I didn’t read any of the articles, except to skim the one about Israel’s Murder Inc working out of Dubai and how they insist that the Dubai police chief is anti-Semitic for presenting evidence that Mossad murdered some guy from Hamas. It’s comforting to see Israel’s true nature revealed to the world. There’s a lot more to come on that score.

My apprehensions about February seem to have been amiss. I’ve noted that nothing is moving at the speed I expected it to. I ascribe this to influences that are retarding particular psychopathic behavior on the part of the obvious scoundrels. I also attribute it to the increase of eyes and the expanding awareness around the globe as to who is actually committing all of the mayhem originally attributed to the Muslims.

Before I lost in-home internet capacity, I had been watching the world from the various perspectives of the different agendas, whose reportage and analysis varies depending on who is paying for the particular slants being presented. I see where some say the problems of the world are due to massive disparities of wealth between the people peddling the debt and the people being forced to purchase it. I see where they say it’s caused by global warming. I see where it’s all caused by people who hate our freedoms. That one should be dying out now, commensurate with the disappearance of those freedoms at the hands of the ones supposedly defending them. I’ve seen all sorts of explanations and detailing of the root causes but I think it’s religious in nature. I think it’s all about Unholy Wars.

You see evidence of this in the hidden side of Blackwater activity; bible slogans on automatic weapons and the twisted ideology of Erik Prince, the co-opting of the fundamentalist, Christian mind by Zionist propagandists pushing the ‘chosen people’ myth, the false flags taking place in order to pit Muslims against Hindus, the relentless hegemony of land and Biblical identity theft and so on and so forth. Religion is about controlling the mind of the believer and certain religions don’t want their control impinged on. It cuts down on available canon fodder as well as compromising the explanations of why the oppressed are really being oppressed. It’s not profitable for the gullible to find that Jesus didn’t tell them to be a doormat. The meek inheriting the Earth is a cash cow and a labor pool. We’re getting that Gospel of Wealth redux that’s proof positive that God loves the rich and hates the poor.

One of the things about the information age is that control of the information is a hi-profit industry. If a manufacturer can get you to believe the commercial, then he can sell you his goods. If an information operation can sell you a line of bullshit (possible profanity alert) you will go around with that information in your head and it will influence what you believe to be true. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. What matters is if you believe it. People kill and engage in all sorts of nasty behavior based on what they believe to be true.

Not long ago, The Vatican was the biggest landlord in the world. They owned the most real estate. I say, “not long ago” because that might have changed but probably not. I think they used to own The Watergate too. It’s the people who manipulate scripture to reveal calculated interpretations that set the members of different religions at each other’s throats. This is intentional. It’s a hi-profit industry. Control of one’s sexual behavior has nothing to do with the cultivation of virtue, as the aforementioned church has shown in the behavior of their clergy.

Killing for Christ and his kingdom is a hi-profit industry for Blackwater, or Xe as it is now known. It’s hi-profit for Carlyle and Halliburton and many another corporation. Whenever some monster has a funeral, like Nelson Rockefeller and… now on deck, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, George H. Bush… it’s always held in some large religious institution and proof positive that the bigger the asshole (possible profanity alert!), the bigger the funeral and the larger the limousines that carry the crocodile mourners.

As the redoubtable Smedley Butler stated, “War is a racket”. The same can be said for religion. All readers of this blog are encouraged to see that great documentary film, “What would Jesus Buy?” I think it was Diderot who stated that there would be no peace until the last politician was strangled with the entrails of the last priest. Religion, like politics, is a playground for psychopaths. There’s big money in both of them. They both employ assassins and they both have private planes. They’re both tax exempt but they access that feature through different wormholes.

These religious wars are not about the protection of creeds or the defense of the church. They are about the control of the flow of information, which manipulates human behavior for the purpose of cash register activity. The established church is The Whore of Babylon. It is because people believe what they’ve been told about what scripture means that the world is as it is. The established Church, like Goldman Sachs, is doing God’s work. That is, if God happens to have two horns and scarlet skin.

How do they get like this, those who control the religious institutions? One of the devil’s names is Old Scratch. It has to do with a certain kind of itch. Give any ideal a manifest, temporal base and a certain degree of power and it’s no different than heroin. I guess that means, ‘the fix is in’, has more than one interpretation.

I’ve got no more use for religion that I do politics, banking and sundry. That said… I try to seek God every day in everything and have absolute confirmation of his /her presence; God operates as both, depending on the department and activity. Sometimes it helps to know something about history. For instance, one might profit in this respect by investigating who actually martyred so many of the alleged saints, as well as those who had the temerity to speak the truth in times of pervasive and concentrated lies.

A person who is capable of thinking for themselves has first to throw out everything they were taught by the usual indoctrinations we all passed through. Something is or it is not real… true… enduring and you can prove the case through persistent self-inquiry. Anything you want to know about the world outside can be found within, including all of the qualities of those mentioned in this piece. Feed something and it grows. Starve it and it dies. When we are duped into making war on ourselves it’s not too long after that we are engaged in making war on others.

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