Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crime Families, Buggery and Boat Riding Dreams.

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A certain segment of the readership is leaving this site in droves because I’ve become too nice and stopped (for the moment) breathing fire and giving voice to outrage. Yes, there’s plenty to feel outraged about but I’m not feeling it. I’m not feeling any anger about anything at all; don’t know why that is, it just is. I’ll be saying a few things today with an added disclaimer and maybe even a few caveats that might get the blood up; if so- it’s accidental to my state of the mind at the moment.

This thing with The Pope is a major event in our times. At the moment it just looks like another dustup in a long line of dustups but I suspect this one is going to get legs. I was more than a little surprised that Ratsinger got the position of the world’s richest drag queen. He doesn’t even look right besides not being right. He’s bent, as my English friends might say. Deals got done in the back room and up he popped or is that poped?

Here’s the disclaimer; I’ve nothing against Catholics or anyone in the rank and file of that particular tradition. I’m quite certain you can reach the divinity through that particular tradition, just like you can reach divinity through any tradition, depending on the state of your heart and your intentions. I’ve nothing against people who consider themselves Democrats or Republicans but... their leadership is something else and so it is for the leadership of the Catholic Church and the history of its operations on this planet. I don’t think I need mention the conquistadores, the inquisitions, or any of the other murder operations that have evolved out of forced conversion by the sword (in any religion)... and the looting and enslavement of primitive cultures. That’s all in the record.

The thing with people who don’t want things to be the way they are or the way they were is that they either rewrite history (as the Zionists have been doing) or they say, “That’s all in the past now and has nothing to do with us; we’re different (as the Catholic hierarchy implies). It’s become painfully obvious that the victors do write the history and history is a lie.

I happen to mention this debacle with The Pope because it fits in with a few other alarming events that aren’t on the hilltops with ten foot horns but which are going to be making a lot of noise sooner or later. One of these is the capture of someone reputed to be the Taliban’s #2 guy. Apparently the Afghan government is very angry about this because this Talibani had a promise of safe passage and was engaged in strategic talks; please forgive my linking to a Zionist manufactured news site. It’s what I could find handy and sometimes they tell the truth just to keep the borderline mentalities guessing.

Another thing is the tug of war between the US and the Rothschild Crime Family; also known as Israel. The Rothschild Crime Syndicate has been expanding their housing programs in order to take physical control of Jerusalem and also gain some strategic advantage in the area when they ‘go to the mattresses’ during the later stages of their present ethnic cleansing operation.

The Crime Family doesn’t need this housing. They are scrambling all over the planet to find anyone who has some amount of Jewish blood in order to displace Palestinians and justify the hegemony and genocide in which they are engaged. The result has been importing thug mentalities from Eastern European countries with money paid by the United States. But Crime Families need foot soldiers and they aren’t’ expected to be humane or intelligent. It’s also easy to convince them of the wildest fantasies and get them to operate in defense of them.

The backroom US policy makers have retarded Israel’s desire to accomplish in Iran what they have so far accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re real unhappy about this. Like a spoiled child who is used to getting its own way at all times, the Crime Family is showboating with spiteful behavior (the settlement building) to show that, “I can to do whatever I want to and you can’t stop me”. They need somewhere to put the overflow of the population burst in holocaust survivors. No one knows where they are coming from but there are more and more of them every day. Some of them don’t look old enough to shave.

The papal brushfire... the kidnapping of the Taliban leader and the Crime Family settlement issue are all precursors of big possibilities to come. The future is an uncertain thing. It’s modified each day by both predictable and surprising behavior on the part of humanity and Nature, not to mention the Joker and unseen motivations of the ineffable. Some of it is set and some of it is liquid.

The Taliban is not going to roll over for what just happened in this act of treachery. The Pope’s hangnail is showing all the signs of a systemic infection and The Crime Family is extremely pissed off about not being able to kill countless thousands of Iranians who are presently occupying a portion of Ersatz Rothschildlandia. They’ve been there for millennium and the Kosher Nostra doesn’t like that one bit so... it’s past time for a little false flag activity but... they have to be careful. They are being watched.

The Crime Family has orchestrated a financial holocaust among the residents of a certain super power which they took control of some time ago and, contrary to their intentions, a lot of the citizens of that country actually think they are responsible. That’s gaining credibility all around the world. Even the Chinese know about it and are publishing best selling books about how to take advantage of some of The Crime Family’s strategies.

One thing generally leads to another and all three of these scenarios are going to do just that. The relentless surfacing of united interests for having a deeper investigation into the 9/11 false flag is also having a telling impact on human consciousness and though it is still mostly below the wider surface, it’s breaking out here and there in ways unpleasant to the greater intentions of the Crime Collective, which is an association of various crime families around the world.

As the good weather- or whatever is standing in for it- takes over for the previous bad weather we are going to see all sorts of unusual happenings.

I had a dream last night that was pretty interesting. The meaning has been coming together in my mind over the last couple of hours. It’s not like most dreams which can mean any number of different things.

I was at a party near the docks somewhere. Someone suggested we go out in a boat. One of us commented on the state of the weather, which was stormy. We got into this boat which resembled a houseboat but which was much bigger than most houseboats and had only one room. It was operated by foot pedals like those plastic jobbies you can get at most resorts. Since this was a dream, it didn’t matter that it would have been impossible to power something this size with just a small amount of leg action.

We got out on the water and everything seemed fine. For whatever reason, I went to a window and saw that there was a pretty furious storm on the waters outside. I also noticed one fellow in a corner, energetically bailing and crying out that the boat was sinking. It was only sinking in his part of the boat. There wasn’t any water anywhere else. I said to someone that we should probably head for shore because the storm was getting worse. This person said that he didn’t think there was a problem but, “sure, we can go back”. We went back and docked and when we got off the boat it was a bright and sunny day and there hadn’t ever been a problem.

Well... that’s pretty clear to me. I’ll let you have your own conclusions about the matter. In any case, keep your eye on these particular matters that we’ve been discussing this morning and let’s see what happens out there on that great sea of life.

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