Saturday, January 9, 2010

Posting from the Bridge of the Starship.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The weather in the mind gardens of Starfleet Commander Visible has been as wild as the weather in the extended mind gardens without. The wind has been howling around Casa Amitabha like the Big Bad Wolf after the three little pigs. Well, I’m not a pig and I haven’t eaten any pork products (knowingly) in many years. I don’t know what that’s got to do with anything but there it is. The wind is picking things up and throwing them all over the place. Now the wind is quiet and the sun is shining. That should be good for an hour or so.

An astrologer friend, who says I know how to get in touch with him, but I don’t, said that Pluto and Saturn were messing with me. These are both malefics so it’s kind of like that biker gang that crashed your graduation party. They don’t shave and they can’t behave.

I was led to believe through a series of coincidences that something very bad had happened in my life and at the same time, none of my bank cards worked because something happened to the German banks and now thousands of Germans abroad are unable to get money. I scrounged around in my little house which looks like the Manson Family has been staying here for the last week and I found fourteen Euro. I figured that would get me through the weekend. Then I took the chance to drop by an English friend’s house and this time he was home and he promptly gave me 200 Euro and his bank details so now Susanne can send me the big bucks I need to maintain my lavish lifestyle.

I want to thank all of you who offered to send me money. That made me feel good. I’m not going to lean on anyone just yet though and maybe never. You will need what you have in the times to come. It’s going to get hot and heavy shortly as the whole world shifts and the unreality we have had to bear for some years now is going to get much more unreal. My Paypal works fine but if you can’t get money out of the bank then you can’t get the Paypal money either.

They want to put these body scanners in all the airports but wait a minute... they have got these portable jobbies that they want to deploy everywhere to keep us safe from something that doesn’t exist and if it did it would be them. The Israelis want to install mind reading machines, which mean they want to use them against the Arabs who are the primary concern of the Israelis and why they have been doing most of the terror that has happened anywhere around the planet. They’ve taken control of the money supply so they can make the politicians that they got elected in the first place behave like the trained seals that they are.

It may be hard to imagine that both houses of Congress and the White House and the judiciary are all jailhouse punks done up in short denim skirts but such is the case. A lot of supposedly alternative news gathering sites are pushing this guy Peter Schiff so the weather is all to hell and gone way outside the perimeters of Visible’s Mind Gardens because Schiff is a nogoodnik too. All I have to do is hear him talk. He looks and talks like Chucky Schumer’s understudy. That’s okay if it was always your intention to take The Bride of Frankenstein to the prom; not so cool if you didn’t and much, much worse if she lets you sleep with her later on.

People, it is going down like clockwork. Right alongside the upcoming Super Bowl and all the gossipy entertainment news, about what one dimensional twits are up to, is the relentless pace of martial law. I’m going to sort out the players for you, just in case you’re keeping score. Since the game is fixed I guess you wind up on the team playing against the Harlem Globetrotters.

The sudden crisis in the German banking industry is not an accident. It’s there to make you uneasy and you’ll be getting a taste of that yourselves soon. If you don’t play nice you wind up in the nosebleed seats. A few patriots are going to get a taste of what’s up and who’s who soon enough and that is supposed to convince the rest of you to stay in line. They are beefing up the police state with weapons and personnel and they are coming to a theater near you soon.

Everybody behind the scenes already knows how it’s going to play out. They sold their souls and their asses for personal security; as always it is the war of the haves against the have nots. Your direct enemy, the enemy of all the people in the world is Israel, Washington D.C. and London; the rest fall in line behind them. If it were not for Russia and China things would be much worse already and China’s government is no picnic either.

There are all sorts of musical chairs playing out at the moment. People are being told to cooperate or be ruined and you are going to see some of that. People in positions of enforcement are struggling with their conscience. Some of them are just going to do their job because, you see, it’s them or you. A lot of them are going to break ranks and refuse to kill on command. There is a crisis of conscience in operation right now all up and down the chain of command. Everything has to work perfectly for them and it won’t. We can afford to not have it all work perfectly and still win.

As I had said many times, there is a joker in the deck... possibly more than one but rather appearing to be more than one but actually being the same one. That joker is the cosmic authority and even if everyone loses it still wins. It’s been setting these people up for a long time. It’s been going on for so long that they can’t even imagine it is happening to them and they don’t believe in any power greater than their own but they are going to find out differently in a very impressive way; in a very impressive way.

You’re good people, act like it. Don’t let the screaming Blue Meanies put you where you don’t want to be. A regular reader called me on maybe wussing out lately because it might seem I was being overpowered by the angst and depressing weight of existence. Just because I share my fragile moments doesn’t mean I’m giving in to them. I soldier on and I have always soldiered on and will always soldier on. I don’t give up and I don’t give in and I have no price. The fact that I am still standing is perfect proof that there is a God because I and everyone like me would have long since been gone.

Sometimes we show our vulnerability so that others can feel more secure in the sympathetic chord. Sometime we reveal ourselves to keep away the Hollywood moment and not play James Bond and not steal your coin and not be made out to be better than you are because we are not. None of us are better than you are. Some of us are further up the road but we could damn well be dropped to the side if we forget who made the path we walk upon. I’m luckier than a lot of people. I suffer a lot because I am a fool and all my personalities are not in the same compartment but I know who made the path I am walking. I walk by the grace of the one who made the road. You are all welcome to your systems of belief and your moments of doubt but I know who made the path I am walking on and that give me a small edge. It doesn’t mean I get away with anything and that is why it is necessary to show your shortcomings because if you don’t you will get screwed by your deceit and presumption and I don’t want that.

You know and I know that they are going to bring the hammer down but they will only bring the hammer down on themselves. You should count yourself lucky because even though it is going to be hard for some of us and maybe all of us you are going to see justice done in the flesh and right out in front like it has not been done by any stretch of recorded history and we have powerful friends from far away who have come to watch it happen.

Did it never occur to anyone how really strange it is for this planet to come to the very center of the galaxy and for it to have been foreseen by people who had no cars or cellphones? Live and learn or don’t. This is the most tremendous of times and with it comes the most severe tests and agonizing pressures of which I am personally familiar but I do think as my good friend H.P. Blavatsky said “for those who win onward there is reward past all telling; the ability to bless and save humanity.” Be strong and care for each other and by all means let them know that you love them because one day you may regret not having said it when you could have. I've had recent evidence of that and thank god I do say so. One day we will all be gone but we will also be gone ...somewhere.

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