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The Industry of Guilt and the Way Beyond.

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The first thing to keep in mind when trying to understand devious intent is that things are not what they seem. The definition of the word ‘devious’ makes this perfectly clear (irony alert!). Lately, I’ve noted a great deal of effort being made by some parties to lay the blame for the world’s ills at the door of The Vatican. I’ve no doubt they’re involved to a degree but I do doubt they are behind the whole scheme of troubles being visited upon humanity. The Israelis say, “by way of deception ye shall make war”. War’s not just guns and bullets, canon fire and dead bodies; war is any kind of conflict stirred up in the mind, set fire to in the heart and manifested outward in enmity and aggression. We’ve heard of ‘war of words’ and ‘war of ideals’. War is always going on at some level and finding the obvious outlet in whatever place is most disposed to the action.

In order to understand life and the purpose of it, you must understand the presence of conflict in most every endeavor. You are introduced into a world that is perpetually at odds with itself so that you might discover the hidden harmony that lies behind everything that confronts you in your environment. Most people are at war with themselves. It’s not a great leap for them to be at war with others.

A big part of the present financial skullduggery is to reduce a particular portion of the population to extremis. The disappearance of jobs; the devalued currency, the home repossessions and all attendant misery of the times has an intent beyond mere subjugation of the population; beyond obsessing the mind with survival to the point that they lack the time to focus on who is causing it. One of the main and unspoken reasons for the financial crisis is to make the military a desirable option. Where else are you going to go where you will be housed and fed and promised an opportunity for the future if you survive? It’s not rocket surgery, grasshopper.

Combat desensitizes the human heart. It’s a form of pornography whose intent is to damage the human spirit and kill the soul and that’s what ‘they’ are ultimately all about, capturing the human soul. They can’t actually kill it but they can make you believe it is dead. Remember I was discussing guilt not too long ago? Doing grievous injury to others is a definite guilt builder. Guilt is one of the foundation stones of organized Christianity and it is certainly a whip hand of The Vatican.

When I lived in The Jewish Rockies for a number of years, I used to hear a lot about Jewish guilt from various and sundry. I never understood what they were talking about. Now I do and I see the reason for it too. I believe I once said that to be born a Jew was a particular birth whose keyword is ‘redemption’. Everyone born a Jew comes into this life on this planet with a debt outstanding and the opportunity to serve humanity in unique ways. When they fail in this and give over their industry to self interest and predatory actions upon their fellows, they have failed in their commission and guilt will attend them.

You might well ask where I get this sort of information. You’ve got a great many facilities that you are not using. You’re not using them because you are reliant on the common tools. It’s easier that way. It’s why you’ve lost your telepathic abilities for too much dependence on physical speech. There are deep pools in the human psyche that can be accessed by those intent upon doing so. For most people, the carnival; the life lottery, the hopes and dreams machine and the bright lights of unlikely promise are preeminent in their thoughts. It’s the hamster wheel and the carrot and the stick. It’s the mechanical rabbit and slathering, racing hounds.

No one is going to end war on this planet. It’s a foolish notion. This is why the Bhagavad-Gita states, “Nothing is better for a warrior than a righteous war.” People think the Indian caste system is an anachronism and maybe it is. I suppose they’ve never studied the pecking order in the UK and elsewhere. There’s a caste system wherever you go.

These viral plagues that are being loosed on humanity are not accidental. They are being time released in locations around the world by the same forces that have manipulated the financial system and performed all of the false flags and started the horrendous and unnecessary conflicts around the globe. Are they part of some temporal organization that’s been around for centuries? I hear all kinds of things about that. Are they members of a particular race or religion? I hear all kinds of things about that too. To understand ‘who’ and ‘what’, you must study the nature of the human mind. You have to study consciousness and how it operates according to impulse and motive.

All human minds are conditioned to some extent. All human minds have doorways that lead in various directions. Everything dark and everything bright is contained in the human mind. There is a phrase in The Lord’s Prayer that states, “Lead us not into temptation.” This seems to indicate that whatever we call God is part and parcel of everything. He’s the voice in the garden and the snake in the grass. It’s all a part of the mystery and marvel of manifest life.

We are placing way too much emphasis on the physical representatives of evil in our times. We give them power when we do this. These men and women have no power and even the appearance of it can be shut off in a heartbeat. This whole presentation is about your being observed as to whom you will serve. Physical existence is a trial and a test. We don’t seem to know that we are being watched every moment and that everything we think, say and do immediately adjusts our course and all that attends it.

The truly wise understand that nothing belongs to them and that they are nothing except in respect of what they would choose to emulate. This is how some people can give away everything, including themselves and count themselves rich beyond imagining.

There is a fundamental truth that must be grasped and, if you cannot, then you will remain in the soup one way or another. Everything is under control, down to the slightest detail. Everything that happens to you is a testing whose object is to free you. Our fear and self-interest compromise us time and time again. It’s time to let all that go. Everything is in our minds and it is there that we can gain a partnership in control over everything we encounter. The one who set this up wants to give you the keys to the kingdom but you have to believe it is really happening. Guilt is one of the big obstacles. It should help to know that every great master who has walked this Earth has a secret life of shame from which he/she came; water under the bridge.

None of what is happening right now has to touch you. Whose camp are you in? It should be perfectly obvious what is going on. The fact that it is not is one of life’s enduring mysteries. All these secret societies and powerful individuals are anything but. They take their marching orders from a place in the mind. They are tools, bad tools, but tools none the less. Why do you think so much of the world is dancing like a chicken on the griddle to get your attention? It’s because of your soul, baby.

You’re carrying a mighty power around with you, or should I say it is carrying you and you are entirely unaware of it; because your attention is on everything else. Drive relentlessly and fearlessly within and see what it gets you. The way out is the way in.

I realize that this is a most unusual Smoking Mirrors but… we are talking about smoke and we are talking about mirrors. How is it that you can look at the great deception and tell yourself… that that is what it is …and still carry on as if it were real in spite of that? That’s another enduring mystery.

What is coming is going to break down all of these false constructs and delusions. Ergo, it is far better to meet it on the way than to have it act upon you. One needs to see that all of this, despite its fearsome and unpredictable appearances, is for your benefit and your liberation. Help is all around you at the moment and there is more on the way.

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