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9/11 and the Joker in the Dream Machine

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The people at the Discovery Channel’s 'Mythbusters' site have banned discussion about 9/11. DCFanMod, who has been at the site for almost ten months and is a ‘senior moderator’ says, “The subject is sensitive and painful for us all and is inappropriate for the Mythbusters forums”. I’m guessing this is another example of that old saw, “the truth hurts”. Why are all the disinfo S&MSM media sites so sensitive about the truth coming out, besides the pain it causes them, when they are informed about what they are trying to suppress? Maybe it’s the growing evidence of things like this or... slowly emerging curiosities of this nature. The onion’s getting peeled and from the look of what is at the center, it’s probably not going to make it into the stir-fry.

Unfortunately for the S&MSM, the amount of people paying attention to, or believing what they say, is decreasing by the day. Print media needs a bailout. Electronic media needs a bailout and the Ponzi-fishing contributions of Madoff, The Federal Reserve and the others will only go only so far in propping up a dead fish before the stink clears the room. Israelis at the center of the eye of the golem and the eye-shadow is running down the face of the late night hooker at the Empire Diner. It’s late in the day for reflection and regrets. At least the hooker is capable of them.

There are a number of time bombs ticking at the moment. The thing with time bombs, for most people, is that the noise is annoying. Well... that annoyance is going to turn into something else when the bomb goes off and you’ll have something more to trouble your beautiful ears about. The commercial real-estate bubble is soon to explode and that’s going to have a real ‘hip bone connected to the knee bone’ effect. This is going to be sharing in a tag team event that might best be illustrated in the man who got taken to emergency with a brain seizure and then had a heart attack on the gurney.

What do imperial regimes and capitalist systems do when they’re sinking into dung-tar, taffy pits of their own excesses? They go to war. What if you are already at war a couple of times over? You instigate another war of course. It’s like that Israeli motto, “Use force. If that doesn’t work, use more force”. Since Israel is in near total control of the U.S. and responsible for all of the wars in which the U.S. is presently engaged well... it’s time to line up some more American canon fodder to die for the greater good, even if the greater good is benefiting a small handful of people.

This is why the headlines are now howling like a drunk at the Mardi Gras (coming soon) about troop shortages in Afghanistan; Iran being behind everything, including flu pandemics which are still on the drawing board at Fort Detrick, truthers selling drugs outside of elementary schools and anything else that’s outrageous enough to get attention without having to be true. The truth hasn’t had much success getting in the way of even obvious lies for some time. Unfortunately for the lying sacks of cat scat at the S&MSM and their financiers at predatory nations, world conditions are going to make lie consumption a much more difficult feat. Sooner or later, the pressure of personal, shared reality becomes greater than the fear of challenging what you are experiencing.

Newsweek has got their sop to Joe Biden hanging in the top spot at almost as long as Michael Jackson’s death announcement. Joe is “an inconvenient truth teller” apparently. There are a lot of professional liars and unprincipled hacks in American politics but Joe Biden stands out even among them. The added qualities of his bombast and arrogance, coupled with his slavish obeisance to his Israeli masters make him almost unique in the anals (not a misspelling) of the system.

Every time I see something prominently displayed in the S&MSM that doesn’t have a clear reason for being trotted out for the indifferent attentions of those who went to the site for sports and celebrity gossip, I have to ask myself what it’s really about.

When I take into consideration this recent Nobel Prize award and the manufactured appearance of the president, juxtaposed with the times and conditions, I get some weird sensations. I get sensations that tell me Obama might want to avoid walking under ladders and breaking mirrors or even going outside because sometimes war alone is not enough. Sometimes you need a Wicker Man and there’s plenty of straw around for the purpose.

Day by day, the reality of 9/11 is dawning on wider and wider segments of the public. People texting while eating their Froot Loops, are catching on. People who bought the material dream are having immaterial experiences. They don’t like it but they’ve moved up a stage in that stages of grief sequencing which goes; first comes denial, then anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. I doubt that series is accurate overall. I don’t buy most of what academics have to say about anything but it serves as an example.

America- what it was presented to be- is dying. It is not going to accomplish what it was never intended to at the hands of those who held her down and did her on the pool table of a private club. She turns out to be one more failed dream that was bled dry by vampires. Yes, there are vampires and werewolves too. They’re just not running around in the classical sense. Perhaps in some cases they are.

Prediction is a mug’s game and generally the province of charlatans. It may be more profitable than futile but the profit does not come based on the accuracy of the prediction. Only a little research will prove that. However one can predict things in a general way. If there are enormous storm clouds in the sky you could venture that rain might be coming. If armchair, chicken hawks are waving rhetorical sabers, you might say that war is on the way. If a politician or a media pundits lips are moving you can surely predict they are lying. There are a number of conditions, both apparent and approaching, which would incline toward certain events to follow. Only a fool would discount them.

Another thing that is helpful in prediction is to examine the character of the people in charge on the temporal level. A study of the conditions of the middle class is always helpful. There are no revolutions or dramatic social changes without its involvement. When things have come to a particular pass there is no way to go but forward and forward does not suggest continuity and continuance of the same old same old. Forward is indicating increasing degrees of mayhem. Sometimes things have to run their course and this is one of those times.

Another thing that imperial regimes and capitalist systems engage in, when their actions have put them in the role of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, is staged events. That brings us back to 9/11 and the other bloody deeds they’ve gotten up to in recent years. The more intense conditions become, the more they are pressed to come up with something dramatic to justify all of the wrongs they have committed.

We’re looking at a whole lot of possibilities here and none of them good. There are a number of ways out of the difficulties of the moment but none of them are going to be considered because that requires sacrifice on the part of those who created the problems to begin with. The leopard is not going to change his spots.

I don’t think that what is going to happen is going to be exactly what these predators intend and I don’t think it’s going to be what many of us fear. I think it’s going to be a surprise on all accounts because those who think they are in control are not and those who feel they are powerless are not. Nothing is what it seems, even to those who are convinced that it is because they believe they are generating it.

In the interim, my advice it to keep your eyes open and your powder dry. I would suggest getting to know yourself better and giving less attention to the ringmasters and the circus acts. In the end you are going to be better placed depending on your knowledge and understanding of yourself. Seek deeper and leave good footprints.

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