Sunday, August 9, 2009

If I Close my Eyes then I won't have to See.

You hear about these child molestation cases where the mother knew what the father or stepfather was up to but didn’t say anything. Other times the mother claimed not to know when further evidence proved she had to know. That last is called ‘denial’. The present state of the American Republic mirrors something exactly like this. Children are being molested and the parents are pretending it isn’t happening but it’s much worse than that. The parents are also being molested and so are the grandparents; the livestock, the wildlife, the Constitution, the courts, the law enforcement and military. It’s a 24-7 gangbang. It’s not happening in the basement or the upstairs bedroom. It’s happening in the living room with the lights on and the TV playing and people don’t see it and they don’t hear anything but the TV.

When I was very young I was fascinated with the world of literature. That’s understandable given that my real life was a horrorshow. That’s called ‘escapism’. I read many things both fiction and non-fiction and many biographies. I learned some history from all of them and read a lot of history too. There was one thing (among other things) that used to puzzle me. Reading about dark, historical periods I could clearly see that people had been given early warning of what was coming. These warnings became increasingly dramatic but... the people didn’t leave. The world would be crashing down around their ears and they would be trying to go on with business as usual.

I was reading an article about Detroit this morning and it was a grim picture that the author was trying to paint a smiley face on; talking about how all the want and struggle had led to community gardens and so on and so forth. It reminded me of the smiley face that Jim Jones painted on that 25 foot pitcher of Kool-Aid at Jonestown. I look at the present state of America and it couldn’t be clearer what is coming but people are still trying to do business as usual. Americans are now taking jobs away from immigrants and even the immigrants have stopped coming over and the band plays on.

The people who caused the circumstances, in which the people of America find themselves, are put in charge of fixing what they damaged and are using it as an opportunity to loot the country from top to bottom. Maybe there’s a little good news here. In revolutionary France, a lot of the aristocrats didn’t leave either and got what was coming to them.

It’s a given that those who are looting the country have plans to migrate somewhere else once they have crowbarred the last nails out of the floorboards and sold them in bulk to the people that bought the 9-11 debris. It’s also a given that they believe they will get away with it and live to steal another day. Some of them believe they will be considered heroes after the fact due to well placed news items and the shine on their teeth. We’ll see about that. The world is a much smaller place these days and the ability to force-feed wholesale lies down the public’s throat is also diminishing by the day but... what to make of these people who watch network TV and twitter about their day shopping? What do you make of all these unreality shows refracted through a fly’s eye into thousands of likenesses?

This is the world where Sarah Silverman can lick her dogs asshole on TV and it’s considered ‘daring’. I don’t know if that’s mainstream media (which I don’t want to link to anymore but it’s a tacky enough site to make this paragraph’s point exponential) but I’ll let it slide for now (grin). This is the world that celebrates octuplets and watered the Terri Schiavo chia plant long after it had composted itself. This is the world where the biggest human rights violators engaged in the most wars can assume the high ground and lecture others about behavior that can’t even hold a candle to their own. You are the people that might have been. We should have gotten in touch with you then.

This is the world where the world’s biggest human rights violators can mastermind an attack on America and then use it as justification for mass murder and increasingly tighter controls on their citizenry. This is the world where ‘in your face’ genocide can take place and the people watching network TV with bags over their heads can’t see it. This is the world where the most fatuous arguments can be used to justify the most hideous crimes. This is the world that sails on a river of darkness.

This world is going to be both shaken and stirred with a twist. Everything you thought was real is going to crumple like cellophane. The early stages are in progress as we approach the middle point. “Anybody see anything?” “No, who’s asking?” “Huh?”

This is the world that used to be the world that is no longer the world you live in. The weather reflects it and you are standing on uncertain ground. They’re burning meat to make fuel to power homes. They’re harvesting organs from victims of genocide and selling them to the genociders. They’re doing everything you can imagine and they are doing things worse than you can imagine but many of you have no imagination left.

What is going to happen to all of these people who are watching Fox and the rest? What’s going to happen to the people who send their children off to fight in the corporation wars? Can anything remove the blinders that cause people to associate patriotism with being canon fodder for those who start the wars …and do not fight in them?

Now they’ve got doctors lining up to get their flu shots and advising people to follow their lead. These are, no doubt, the same doctors who tour the country shilling for the pharmaceutical firms and don’t even practice medicine, if they ever did. There’s no telling what’s in the photo-op shots and how that might differ from your shot. Some tiny numbers of people have died from this flu and there’s no evidence that it’s running like a brushfire through the communities so... what do the people hyping the paranoia and selling you the flu shots know that you don’t know? We do know that this flu was bio-engineered.

We live in a time of hysteria; religious hysteria, terror hysteria, sexual hysteria, global warming and flu hysteria, economic hysteria and Limbaugh fueled Nimrods are mobbing up over a health care system that you will never see. It has to pass through the hands of the people who profit from it and who control the legislators who compile the details and data for the corporation friendly laws. Nothing is going to change in that respect until the big changes start coming into the lives of the people who couldn’t see the smaller changes, or even the larger changes that followed them.

Yes, I have wondered why the people stayed when they could hear the monster baying in the woods. I’ve wondered about a lot of things and come to realize that some of us are just made differently. Some of us have very different tastes and very different values and that is what allows us to see or not see certain things.

There are people saying that great calamity is going to come upon us and there is a lot of evidence for that. There are people saying it’s all going to work out, even better than before and there’s not as much evidence of that. The fact is that we don’t know what’s coming or how it’s going to manifest. We can be certain of one thing, enormous changes are on the horizon and the world is going to be transformed and the next phase is going to start shortly. You might say that each coming season is going to represent an increase upon the last. What that increase is we shall soon find out.

I’m an optimist. I’m looking forward to greater opportunities and the departure of old evils. I’m looking forward to the looks on people’s faces when their eyes are opened for them and they see what’s been going on. That’s going to happen and that’s going to be one of the biggest changes of all.

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