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The Monkey Wrench Ganglion Nexus

A few decades ago, a guy named Edward Abbey wrote a book called The Monkey Wrench Gang. I won’t detail the plot for you and spoil your enjoyment of this wonderful novel; should you be inclined to read it but I would just say if you understand what a monkey wrench is then you have the concept. It’s a very funny, very entertaining read that is apparently being made into a movie... finally.

We need products in our world and so we need people who make and transport and supply these products. Unfortunately, all too often, the people doing these things care not at all about the people they are selling them to. The government is supposed to make sure that we don’t get abused by these entities in any number of the imaginative ways they tend to abuse us but... the government gets a great deal of it’s money from these people; even though it gets a lot more of it’s money from us.

Religion comes in and does it’s part to make a house advantage even worse and we get to wind up in a P.T. Barnum quote so... let me just throw out a few ideas that we, as the largest representative force on Earth, have the possibility of making happen ...and that brings us back to The Monkey Wrench Gang.

We the People need to become The Monkey Wrench Gang in the most positive sense for the greatest benefit to the greatest number of us. This idea has been played with in films like “V” and in the sixties we saw quite a number of Mad Hatter operations that were near impossible to prevent and which did a lot of good up until they got hi-jacked by the system or slandered and framed for activities introduced into them by The System or The Mob or whatever you want to call the Globoctopus Monster that wants to squeeze humanity like a sponge in it’s tentacles.

Let’s consider it a given that the majority of us know what the right thing is. It’s also a given that there is a percentage of vipers who prefer the wrong thing and a substantial number who are too stupid to read this and chew gum at the same time. So... I would be willing to bet that we the people who are not evil or lobotomized are represented in every area of human activity and we are often called upon to do things we know are not right but which The System says we have to do because it’s there in The Company Handbook.

Some of you work in the banking system and assist in the theft of people’s assets. Some of you work in the utility sector and assist in the theft of people’s assets. Some of you work in the communications field and assist in misleading people and the same goes for every industry where you are compelled to do things that you know are incorrect, inefficient and designed to frustrate your customers in order to retain control of their assets.

What if every one of us decided that we were going to make little adjustments of our own as we went along? I’m not here to guide you through the possibility... that’s up to you. What if you decided that you were going to assist every good thing and hinder every bad thing and not ever say anything about it unless you were just a small group who trusted each other like the people in the book?

People everywhere could drop dimes on the bad guys and let the good guys slide. It could be an international Underground Railroad for Humanity that side-tracked and short-stopped the creep efforts and gave a lift to every good thing that wasn’t masquerading under an outfit of pretending to be in the service of people while only serving itself.

In the meanwhile you could begin to use your natural telepathy by thinking things ‘into’ the situations you are in and doing it consciously; speaking out loud in your mind every time you encounter something that needs to have something said. If we deliberately as a group of a few billion people, just decide that we’re going to screw up what needs screwing up and flag everything else on through, we could change the world almost overnight. The thing you have to realize is that the bad guys are already doing this to you in reverse. You can easily think of many examples of this right now.

False terror threats... False Flag operations... Ponzi schemes... Phony intel... all the lying, double-dealing shit you see every day from the governments and corporations and religious industries, are glaring evidence that they are already doing this to you so... why not? Why not?

Why not refuse to enter a McDonald’s or a Starbucks ever again? Why not do even more? Print up stickers for cars and walls and windows that say, “Have a Starbucks Latte made from Freshly Killed Palestinian Children.” And put them up everywhere. Don’t put them on your car. Put them on government vehicles and company cars. “How about a Big Mac made of 100% Freshly Ground Palestinian?” Plaster these on Macdonald’s windows. Extrapolate outward from here and just think of what you could do.

Some of you work in very sensitive industries. Boy, it would be a drag if the wrong information got out. Now that we know that some of the players at the Mumbai Attack were Tavistock graduates from Merry Ole England... wouldn’t it be nice if somebody made that info public... kinda by accident?

Think of all the positive accidents you could have today in your own special way. Think about it. The bad guys are already doing this and we can’t do much about that because they’ve already blamed it on someone else while pocketing the difference. Let’s start thinking globally and acting locally. Let’s toss some whirled peas into their pink champagne, not forgetting to let them marinate in Special Sauce first. Hey, you might even oven brown them. Be creative.

Think of what you can do with Photoshop and Condolezza Rice in your printer. Think of what you can do with any of them. Think about what Rupert Murdoch would look like doing what he probably does do in private... going past you on a public bus smiling back from a sticker you put there.

In the meantime... the mental thing... yes, the mental thing... gather in groups and think things about places you are standing in front of. You could wear a tee-shirt that says. “I’m thinking about what’s going to happen to you.” ...while you’re standing in front of a McDonald’s or a Starbucks or any of the other front organizations for world fascism and mass murder. Why are corporations bent on raising money for weapons to arm people who already have too many weapons, in their war on people who have very few weapons and nowhere to go and whose places to hide from their oppressors are disappearing under their feet with each passing day?

Wherever you are you can screw things up in a good way and because there are so many of us it will counteract what we already endure in a New York minute. The power of your imagination and your mind is limitless. Use it! Learn the cosmic Aikido that causes these psychopaths to bitch-slap themselves silly. Some of us are already at work. We could use the help.

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