Friday, August 1, 2008

I Didn't Get All These Miles on my Face in One Life Time

I think Lord Buckley said something like that in his rap about “The King of the Bad Cats.” He was talking about reincarnation. Of course we reincarnate every morning when we wake up from sleep. For most people waking up is waking up into a dream. A very few people are fully awake. The rest of us are somewhere between passed out and intermittent flashes of light. It would be a much different world if we were more awake.

There’s an old Ska song by Desmond Decker called “The Israelites” It makes me think about waking up when I hear it and it also plays into some of the amazing things that are happening in these times... these days...

The symphony has gotten so out there that half of the orchestra doesn’t even know what song they’re playing now. So many lies have been paraded bare assed naked down front street. So many crazy things have happened and just went by, like it was some kind of strange holiday of people celebrating how clueless they can be. We are in uncharted waters. A massive building collapses in free fall and the world goes, “duh...” Some kind of low rent David Copperfield made everybody believe they were seeing a Las Vegas Show with music by Brittany Spears. How did we get here from wherever we were? Surely we were once capable of seeing what was going on... wait a minute... you know what? Maybe not.... Maybe we are seeing it for the first time right now.

Who are these people?

Who are these shining lights? We have seen indications of them before; The after Downing Street Man in front of the brick wall in his black t-shirt. We saw them and heard them making a Ron Paul Revolution. We’ve seen them in the 9/11 Chronicles; Truth Rising film. We’ve seen the fine mind of it at work in the film “The Reflecting Pool” which nobody is talking about and sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who saw it. It... We... around and and now? Now comes another ship called Liberty... liberty... and what have you been doing with your life?

Some kind of loving wonder is going on when some collection of people can get together and get on a ship of peace to set sail for a city at siege. Yes, I am going to send these people some money, not that I’m in a position to make much of an effect but... I’m also going to send them my love; my admiration, my words, my hopes, my heart and my prayers. I’m going to be sailing on that boat in my mind. I’m going to be dreaming in my dream, that’s trying to wake up, that something good is coming soon.

And I want to know. Yes, I want to know... where everyone else was all the years that this has been going on. I want to know. How come it took so long for something like this to happen? The last time a ship named Liberty sailed this sea the water turned to blood and then it wasn’t what it was.

Brave and beautiful souls, I salute you. I bow. I honor the spirit of your capacity to understand the meaning of Brotherhood and I wonder where all the other dreamers are and what they are dreaming that is more important than waking up because their bed is burning. Some of us cannot sleep while terror loots the world. Some of us know that terror will eventually loot us too. Some of us, even if that were not the case, would still heed the call... all too few ...all too few.

We all have our heroes. Many of my heroes are unsung. I love what Habilitat does. I love what Doctors without Borders do. I love you, if you will let me. We must shake off the coils of our sleep. The greater promise in our collective hearts must rise and met the challenge. We must whisper to ourselves while we sleep, “I am Thomas Paine come again. I am Paul Revere’s horse. I am Lincoln by The Reflecting Pool and now I am awake. I am the people as myself coming up out of a dream to renew the music of my mind.”

These are the times. While the cotton candy tries to close our eyes we must awake. The cock is crowing and the dawn is coming. The Emperor can’t find his ass with both hands, much less his clothes.

Come with me. Come aboard this ship. This ship sails to Gaza but also to Sudan. This ship sails to The Congo. This ship sails the human traffic line. This ship sails into the future and into the past. This ship sails upon the sea in which you are sleeping. This ship is awakening and so are you.

Your ship is your life and I am my brother’s keeper. Probably we should “hold these truths to be self evident” but do we? Think of the world as a body. Think of the world as your body. Think about open wounds and the healing touch, the special medicine that courage brings. The body cannot be whole when a part of it lies bleeding.

On the day that you decide that you will no longer tolerate a lie, your life will no longer be a lie. It doesn’t matter if you are in Palestine or on the Champs Elysees. It doesn’t matter if you are a stockbroker or a stock boy. It doesn’t matter if you are a whore or a queen; on that day your life changes for the better and the sooner the better.

Wherever you are you can sail on this ship. The whole world can sail on this ship. The ship is in your mind. You are dreaming in the waves. Is it not so? Look at your life and tell me it is not so. Your life is your money. Spend it well. Invest in yourself by investing in others. This is not a call to your pockets; that is the least of it. It is your attention and your heartfelt support that we want.

The old world is breaking down. A new world struggles to be born. All the criminals and clowns have come up against their own absurdity and exposed themselves to school children and we have the Polaroid. They are lashing out in their sleep. They are lashing out in their disturbed sleep while the bed is burning and alas... many have entered into their dreams but you do not have to stay there. Redemption is on the table. You can be a better person if you want to.

Shortly a certain item is going to hit a certain mechanism with whirling blades. For those who love the thing that hits the blade there will be an opportunity to merge. Some damn well want to go down with the ship; not the ship I’m talking about... that other ship.

Look inside your heart and ask yourself, “What am I doing and why am I doing it? What do I believe and why do I believe it?

Somewhere inside, you still have certain qualities. They may be dormant but they are not dead. Let them awaken with you. Let them awaken you. Find the ship of Liberty that sails for freedoms shores. No matter what you think, we are all in this together. There may be nasty weather but... the future is holding out its hand. Why don’t you reach out and touch it? The hand you are touching is your own. We have come a long way. Don’t falter now.

There are more good people than bad people. It is you in the middle that tilts the wheel. Isn’t it time for a better world? Open your hearts and your eyes. We didn’t get all these miles on our faces in one lifetime. Make this one count.

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