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They're Killing Us Darling. They Really Are.

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Some while ago I didn’t known very much. I probably know less than that now; the same way Bob Dylan was so much younger in his back pages. Still, I’ve been looking into two remarkable pieces of research entitled “The Extremely Unfortunate Skull Valley Incident” and “the Brucellosis Triangle” courtesy of Don Duca. I couldn’t hope to review these books within the limited confines of the usual 1500 words but it looks like they are killing us. It really does.

We know they’re killing us in Iraq. We know that they are killing us in Palestine. We may not know that this is us but it is. We generally know that they poison the water and the air. We know what the epidemic consumption of soft drinks and fast food results in. We know some things are bad for us but we do them anyway. One argument is that you don’t get out of here alive anyway so, “eat, drink and be merry”. I don’t know how merry you can be when you consistently live wrong but that’s your call. Free choice... “Don’t tread on me.” Talk is cheap Mr. Doormat.

There is a lot of spooky conjecture going round which may not be conjecture. After all, if the people running the show have been found to be lying, merciless psychopaths then it’s not a stretch to correctly assume that there are no limits to the evil they will do. I present depleted uranium as but one well known and documented example.

As I read these books it seemed to become frighteningly clear that the large majority of most new pathogens and inexplicable disorders have been manufactured in government labs. There’s an enormous amount of material available on the subject. You might want to look into some of it once you’ve had the chance to look at Jessica Alba’s baby pictures.

If you wanted to you could find many, many similar articles to this one. I would suggest that you would find out a great deal by looking into Fort Detrick and particularly Dr. Carlton Gajdusek. Here’s a very well presented little polemic. But let’s not digress away from Dr. Gajdusek who got a Nobel Prize which is par for the course in this crazy wonderland of one pill makes you bigger and one pill makes you small and one pill makes you very sick until you’re not at all. Here's an interesting thread.

I don’t need to put any more links into this post. I only include what I do in the hope that it will spur you to look on your own. The sheer weight of the information will make you feel like you are being two-dimensionalized in a ninety ton press. No, I’m going to move right along to my usual reasoning and analyzing according to what seems more likely than anything else.

From what I have studied it is pretty clear to me that a certain group of psychopathic, nightmare entities are actively engaged in selective elimination of certain populations and the subjugation of the rest. It’s the kind of ‘clear to me’ perspective that is paralleled by the increasingly evident certainty that Tel Aviv, Washington and London carried out the 9/11 attacks; the London tube bombing and the Madrid train station; all under the watchful and protective eye of ICTS. Darn, I included another link. It’s the same kind of ‘clear to me’ perspective that tells me Gaza is being genocided for land and land alone. It’s the kind of thing that stops puzzling me when I see where Netanyahu was on 7/7 and where Olmert was on 9/11.

If this was all of it then you might rightly call coincidence but there’s so very much more that you can’t be honest or true if you come to any other conclusions. As I’ve said before, I don’t want to have to believe what I actually know. This is just where the evidence took me. When you throw in Cui Bono and follow the money it’s a fait accompli to arrive at the inescapable truth; which you arrive at no matter where you start looking as long as you keep looking.

Unless you’re still looking at Jessica Alba’s bimbo bomb (and that would be strange since I don’t think she’s sold the rights yet... but she will) then you know that on the surface it is observable and experiential fact that ‘they’ are genetically altering seeds. They are flooding the market with toxic consumables from cellphones to aspartame. They are engineering economic crises and wars for profit. We know these things. They are on the news. They are being exposed by henchmen of the perpetrators and routine science continuously finds myriad links between the products of this culture and mushrooming health concerns.

So... given the tip of the iceberg information presented in the first part of this article... what reasonable mind would come to any other conclusion than that they are killing us?

I’d be a glum kind of a guy had I not the comforting knowledge that evil always destroys itself. That’s the good news. The bad news is what happens in the process and the fact that evil reproduces just like anything else when the soil is right. For me the main sources are materialism, ignorance and unbridled appetite. I see most of the rest of what we collectively agree to be evil, or undesirable, as offspring and by products of these three.

It looks like Jeremiah Wright was ‘right’ and you can find, once again, a tremendous amount of argument in support of his statements by searching from that end just as you can find your way round to all of the same again by looking into David Rockefeller and his eugenics program. All roads lead to the same hellish illusion crystallizing into the shadow land of this dark moment in time.

Do I have a solution? I might have to think about that and wind up having to use an analogy or parable. Just as you can’t change someone’s mind who doesn’t want to change it, or warn someone who doesn’t want to be warned, your options for saving the world and winning the heart of the richest and most attractive girl or boy in the kingdom are limited. Metaphysics and the ancient science of ageless wisdom have answers for all of this but this isn’t the place for that and very few people have any curiosity for the deeper mysteries of life.

Let’s just say that you affect life the same way that a stone thrown into a quiet lake affects the entire surface of the lake. You do your best or you do your worst or you mostly battle with a personal inconsistency like the majority of us. There have been better times and there have been worse times but this is the time we are in. In this time, for some, it is also independently and simultaneously the best and the worst of times and they will change into one another as day follows night. The one solution I know of is that if enough people just refuse to work or participate in the mind games of the overlords then the machine will stop running. If enough people say, “Enough” and refuse to play the game, the game will come to a halt. Conversely, if enough people shut out the media it will die from lack of attention. Your attention feeds them. If enough people write in Ron Paul and Jessie Ventura and Cynthia McKinney for president; if enough people throw away their cellphones and shut off their TV’s, if enough people stop going to the movies and sporting events, if enough people stop in mid stride... who knows what will happen?

Anything noble or great has always begun within the visions and efforts of a small group of souls. It’s important to know what the right thing is ‘before’ you act. It’s important to know when to act and when not to act and when to act up. We’ve always had the ability to strike fear into the hearts of the monsters who feed upon us. We’ve always had the ability to drive a stake through the heart of the vampire. It is the conviction and courage that we lack. Somehow life finds a way to make us discover our sand. Sooner or later the truth becomes inescapable. They’re killing us in a thousand calculated, callous and ugly ways. It must not be all that bad because ignorance, appetite and materialism are dancing a jig in the town square and everybody is stamping their feet and clapping along.

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