Monday, June 9, 2008

Fat Whores and Money Junkies in a Shake and Bake World.

My computer has been in the shop for two weeks and I have been loathe to write something on my wife’s foreign keyboard. It’s like wrestling anacondas in a Vaseline filled bath tub. Still, we’ll give it a shot and I won’t have to go on shying away from responding to the “Where are you?” emails for the same reason that I haven’t written anything here, there or anywhere.

I read the news, the same old garbage and lies competing for the attention of the duped and distracted. I look at the real life-real time genocidal holocaust being practiced on the Palestinians by the world’s only genuine (accept no substitutes) victim nation. The mind reels at the absurdity of the world’s most polished scam artists wringing their blood stained hands while plotting future reparations for what, in ten years time will look like a vicious aggression by the helpless against the longsuffering and blameless powerful. I’m disgusted with it but that’s not moving any mountains.

I see where Bush’s faith based munificence is just more funding for the kind of thing his daddy liked to get into during the Franklin Cover-up years. Most of this money (percentage wise) goes to Israeli interests just as most of the Homeland Security money does. I know that many, many people see what is happening but they just close their eyes and their ears and bend their shoulder to the wheel or try to muscle their way closer to the grease machine while they slip slide away from any pretense of integrity or self-respect.

I don’t know if America was ever what it thought it was. I do know that it now looks like a nation of fat whores in hot pants. Some of us are just made different. I can come to no other conclusion. Why would anyone sell out everything that made them human just so they could go down in history as a whore?

I think about all those world leaders posturing like serial killer clowns; avoiding their sworn fealty to their countries best interests while their citizens labor under an increasingly heavier hobnailed boot of want and oppression. Why is there no one anywhere who will stand up and speak truth to power? Why is there one Keith Olbermann for every ten thousand cackling hyenas? Why is there only one Ron Paul and one Cynthia Mckinney for every ten thousand coin operated robots?

Every one of these world leaders knows that 9\11 was an inside job. Every one of them knows who did it. I know who did it and I’m just some guy with Google access. How absurd is it that a former KGB officer who became Russia’s leader is the most honest of the world’s leaders? Why doesn’t Putin, or Chavez or especially Ahmanedijad stand up and flat out say what should be said? Why do shills like Chomsky and Palast speak relative truth on one hand and lie out of their asses on the other? Why doesn’t Seymour Hirsh say anything about 9\11?

What is it that keeps the leaders of the world, even the leaders who are in the gunsights of the psychopaths from saying what everybody knows? If I were the leader of any of these countries I would finance a movie that laid the facts out on the table. I would speak at the UN and call attention to it and demand that the world see it. There is enough truth out there now for even an amateur to make the case. I would go before the people of the world and I would alert them to the danger in their midst. Being a world leader I could do this. We need something more than this repeating generation of vipers whose main concerns are satisfying their self-interest. What happens when you close your eyes is that you can’t see where you are going. Try it and tell me if I’m wrong.

It should be obvious to anyone curious enough to explore the evidence that energy prices are being manipulated; food shortages are being orchestrated, terror attacks are being fabricated and housing debacles engineered to create a slave population. It’s patently obvious that Rockefeller’s eugenics program is in full swing. None of what is happening here is accidental. Aids WAS created in government labs (I’ll deal with that in the next essay.) and Jeremiah Wright was absolutely right in what he said.

Somebody hip me to it if I’m missing something. Somebody show me the courageous soul who fronts for a country who is telling the truth about what is going on. Isn’t this mysterious to anyone but me? Some ‘former’ political leaders in Japan, Germany and Italy have told us that 9\11 was an inside job. Why doesn’t any present world leader say so? Why doesn’t any world leader call an international conference and bring in Dr. Steven Jones, David Ray Griffin and others and lay it out? Why did Michael Moore skate around the issue? When did Oliver Stone catch Hitchen’s Syndrome?

Now we’re being told that Smokin Joe Lieberman is Mr. Greenjeans and that he is the altruistic force behind some global warming scam. MSNBC gave him a world class felating about it last week. I don’t think you can find a more unctuous, sanctimonious, self-righteous and smarmy hypocrite than Lieberman. If he’s one of the good guys then Charlie Manson was just a miss-understood performance artist. They should dig up his victims and hang them in MOMA so that the world can appreciate the intricacy and beauty of his message.

I am long past being tired of this endless bullshit with nary a contrary word. I guess that’s just the way it is. Things have to get really bad; really, really bad before the Nimrods and Nodwells wake up and smell the world on fire. It’s usually the case that when things have gotten that bad that you will be in the least effective position to do anything about it.

How can a large majority of the Senate and Congress continue to pass invidious laws that compromise The Constitution and The Bill of Rights? Surely they see what it means. Surely they all know that 9\11 was not done by Arab Muslims so why are they passing laws to protect us from a threat that doesn’t exist while making us ever more vulnerable to the dangers that do exist and which did 9\11 in the first place?

How can there have been only the lonely voice of Cynthia McKinney? You don’t pay any attention to the people with your best interests at heart. Yet you will give up your homes and your livelihood and your children’s health and lives to people and business interests that see you as sheep to slaughter. Have you always been like this? Have you always crucified your liberators and lavished obeisance and fealty upon your oppressors? You get what you deserve. Your country collapses around you. Your infrastructure is crumbling. Your children are like “so totally fer sure” dumber than the fenceposts over which they drape the concertina wire and no one in power anywhere is saying anything even when they are in as grave a danger as you. I’m looking but I can’t see. I can’t get the why and wherefore of the silence and complicity. Something is happening out of sight and it’s viral and nasty as anything south of the festering butt cracks of the fat whores who are your glorious leaders.

I know who is doing it. I know why they are doing it. What I don’t know is how they keep getting away with it. We’re in the dark ages and the coming months are going to give you more evidence of it than you ever wanted. It’s a shame. We could do so much good for ourselves and for others but we just turn over in our restless sleep while the nightmare goes on and on. God help you when you do wake up.

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