Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sixty Years of Bloodshed, Treachery and Terror.

I am probably as tired of writing about Israel as you are hearing about it. However, today is supposed to be the big day when Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence. I thought the link was appropriate. I don’t know why he declared independence because there was no Israel to liberate from whatever forces of darkness they conjured out of their manipulated histories. But declare he did and today we celebrate 60 years of genocide against the Palestinian people who were living on the land- and had been for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years- and whom they murdered, exiled and slandered without pause until this day. In the process they wiped out all signs of Palestinian occupancy and changed the names of all of the towns.

As I resource “Visible’s Compendium of Rules for War and Legal Engagement”, I see on page 364, paragraph 2; “It is understood that when a people are attacked and driven from their country, they have the right to engage the aggressor by any means necessary in order to regain their homeland. This can be considered a universally agreed upon constant similar to the right to self defense and a space cushion.”

Until Palestine has been restored, Palestinians have the right to use what weapons they may possess to drive the invader out. If all they have are rocks and sticks and suicide belts, then that is perfectly legitimate as well as an indication of a courage that the invader does not possess. It is the commonly shared and oft-repeated belief of the mad-dog settlers and large body of neo-con Israelis that there is no such thing as a Palestinian or Palestine. However, believing something doesn’t make it so. One might ask Galileo. And... one needs to keep in mind that the truth is no defense against those who like to ask how many divisions The Pope might have.

There is one big and incessant, brain-rogering monkey that screams and throws dung from the trees upon one and all. That is that the Jewish people suffered the worst and only holocaust in history and therefore they shall be allowed to practice bloody murder for perpetuity. This was the intention of the Zionists who aided and abetted this holocaust to just this end.

No one knows how many native peoples died in the Americas during the several hundreds of years of plunder and genocide. I cannot remember where I got this from now but since it refers to published documents it can be checked; apologies to the source for not remembering who you are (if I ever knew).

“Coe, Snow and Benson, Atlas of Ancient America (1986). Total pre-Columbian population: 40M. Mexico: Original population of 11M to 25M ("lower figure commands more support") fell to 1.25M (1625). Peru: Pop. fell from 9M (1533) to >500,000 (early 17th C). Brazil: Original population of 2.5M to 5.0M ("recent commentators favoring the higher") fell to 1M.Massimo Livi-Bacci, Concise History of World Population History 2d (1996).Mexico: Population fell from 6.3M (1548) to 1.9M (1580) to 1M (1605). Peru: Pop. fell from 1.3M (1572) to 600,000 (1620). Canada: from 300,000 (ca. 1600) to <100,000 (ca. 1800); USA: from 5M (1500) to 60,000 (ca. 1800) [sic. Probably means 600,000 because he cites Thornton]. R.J. Rummel estimates that 13,778,000 American Indians died of democide in the 16th through 19th Centuries: Total dead among native Americans in colonial era: 49.5M out of pre-contact population of 55M. Democides in this: 5M. Democides among Indians, post-colonial era: 8,763,000. Democides in US: 15,000.Skidmore & Smith, Modern Latin America (1997). Mexico: Population fell from 25M (1519) to 16.8M (1523) to 1.9M (1580) to 1M (1605). Peru: from 1.3M (1570, forty years after Conquest) to <600,000 (1620); Panama, 1514-1530: 2M Indians killed. Mexico. Central: Population fell from 25.0M (1519) to 1.3M (1595). SE: fell from 1,700,000 to 240,000.North: fell from 2,500,000 to 320,000.Peru, 16th C.: between 8.5M and 13.5M people destroyed. Fredric Wertham, A Sign For Cain : An Exploration of Human Violence (1966): South American death toll of 15,000,000.” Between ten and twenty eight million blacks were transported to the New World to be slaves. One can use any of several mathematical disciplines to calculate the added number of those born into and killed in captivity. I need add no further examples (although there are many) except to mention that in The Congo the number of dead is now approaching six million.

Given the irrefutable proof that connects Israel to the 9/11 attacks as well as various circumstantial connections to the attacks in the London Tube and Madrid and watching the terrible march of the numbers of dead and maimed and displaced from Afghanistan to Iraq and Lebanon, one would have to say that Israel is unique in the degree of suffering caused across the span of its existence. Given that all of the conflicts mentioned were engineered by Zionist neo-cons in the US and Israel one can only stare in dreadful awe at this terrible engine of death and destruction that is called Israel.

Everything I have said here is based on a great deal more than opinion. Much of it is incontrovertible fact that has been published in the very media controlled by this sinister force.

I grow weary of talking about this inhuman nation of thugs. I grow weary of reading the thousands of news items that add further weight to the things I have said. I cannot be amused at public pronouncements by the catamite troll in the White House who declares that Olmert is an honest man; who has given up golf as his personal sacrifice for the war and who wishes he could be fighting alongside the troops because it looks so damn video game exciting. It’s the thought that counts.

How the American people can continue to endure and even support their criminal government makes me wonder whether there are actually any limits to servility and stupidity. How allegedly intelligent and informed men and women can ignore the 800 pound stinking armpit of their continuous hypocrisy and willful distortion of the truth, as they serve the interests of a foreign power against the interests of their own nation, is incomprehensible to me. How people can turn away from what the reasonable mind and all inquiry shows to be true is unfathomable. What is this psychopathic disconnect between the murderous activity of their leaders and their own shameful conspiracy of silence?

Today I celebrate the ongoing evidence of Palestinian courage and their capacity to endure against all odds. Today my heart joins with the heart of Palestine in the fervent hope that one day these things will not be. Today I cry out, “For shame!!!” to the merciless annihilators of life and human decency; a decency they long ago murdered in themselves. Today I cry, “J’accuse”, just as history will when this horror is summed up by those with enough distance from it that the fear of censure and loss will no longer silence their pens and their tongues.

As a human being with open eyes I condemn you Israel. As a human being I stand as one more witness to your awful crimes against humanity. The abomination which you are shall not forever endure. All tyrants have their date with destiny and yours will come apace. Those who celebrate and support this travesty of the human estate are welcome to their share of what awaits. Palestine, your day will come.

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