Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sometimes Blogging is no Fun at All.

Sometimes it is no fun sitting down to write this blog. It’s always the same players relentlessly pounding on the same victims and then wringing their hands and singing about how “nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen.”

I’ve got all kinds of links; links about Israeli bus drivers deliberately running down Palestinian children on the highway and links about Jesse Ventura coming out about how 9/11 is not what they tell you it was and how Israel is going to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth (does this comment sound familiar in reverse? Except it turned out never to have been said?) and links about who Al Sadr really is and what is actually happening in Iraq. I’ve got links about how the Israelis are Nazis and the disappearing bees and how (snicker) supposed anti-Israel, left wing bloggers like Daily Kos are going to Sderot to get the real skinny on what’s really going on.

You’ve probably noticed that most of those links relate to Israel. Let’s take those links one by one before I get into why writing this blog is no fun sometimes. In the first case; this is one of several incidents where illegal settlement bus drivers have run down Palestinians on the highway. They actually speed up and cross into the opposite lane in order to do it. It’s all perfectly okay.

In the second link, Jessie Ventura (whom I supported for president a few years ago) has added his voice to the increasing number of public figures coming forth about the load of bullshit the present junta/administration has sold the American people and the world about 9/11.

In the third link we are told, according to a man who looks like John Goodman (if one of his parents had been a gorilla) that Israel will destroy Iran if Iran attacks them which Iran has no intention of doing but which makes good copy in the Zionist press.

In the fourth link Justin Raimundo makes his usual penetrating observations about a situation and infrastructure you wouldn’t know anything about (except for the lies you are told). I’m none too sure about Raimundo. He goes all over the map on many important connections and then he says something like this “But it is false to posit a "Jewish-controlled" media, no matter what the ethnicity or political persuasion of editors, owners, or whatever: these media companies are beholden to their shareholders, and to the market. Reporting the news is an intensely competitive business: there is no way to enforce an embargo on certain information, not in this day and age. There is no "Jewish conspiracy" – only the machinations of a particular foreign government and its uncritical supporters in this.”

Perhaps Justin didn't hear about how it was made to appear that the Israeli soldiers were kidnapped on Israeli soil when, in fact, it happened in Lebanon and how nearly every site reporting otherwise had their article scrubbed from the net. Of course there are horrendous examples of what Justin says doesn't happen... every single day... but I suspect Justin has a patron or an income to worry about; luckily I am spared either of these.

That the news isn't fabricated, filtered and controlled is bullshit and Raimundo also doesn’t pass the 9/11 litmus test. How he can say that there is not a massive control of the media by Zionist interests is beyond me. You have only to read the full article by Raimundo and look at where he takes it to realize he is fully in the camp of the Zionists. He makes good points about a lot of things as he does in the fourth link above ...but like Greg Palast and Noam Chomsky and all the other so called truth tellers with their own feeding nipple on the Great Pig of Darkness, he’s a disinfo agent either by commission or omission.

Do I want to have to say that Neo-con Zionist, Jewish interests are directly involved in a calculated day to day increase in world suffering and profiting from thereby? Is it a leg up for me to have to say definitively that they control most of the world’s media and as a result are given a free hand with their Nazi-like extermination of the Palestinian people? Am I going to get a Nobel Prize mention because I state that they absolutely were involved in the planning and operation of the 9/11 attacks? Is this a positive career move for me?

Why do it? Because it is the truth... If the truth had led somewhere else then that is what you would be hearing about now.

In the fifth link a courageous UN Investigator has stated that the Israelis are Nazis. Let us say this should be analyzed according to the Duck Rule’... as in, “if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...etc” It should come as no surprise that Israel was South Africa’s good buddy in applying apartheid against the black residents.

In the sixth link we have the disappearing bees which if it is sustained will mean catastrophe for the world’s food supplies unless they plan on using Mexican migrant workers to cross-pollinate every flower on every plant and tree.

In link seven we are treated to a warm Israeli embrace for bloggers of the Raimundo, Palast, Chomsky stripe who, allegedly are critical of Israel, although we’ve never seen it and who, as a matter of fact ban any and all pro-Palestinian bloggers from their website (Daily Kos) whenever they show up. When you read the article you don’t see any long list of bloggers named and you can use your reasoning to determine why they might not want us to google the names like we can Daily Kos editor David Waldman and former lobbyist Tom Matzzie. These two are Israeli critics? Who are the others?

I’ve got no beef with the Jewish people any more than I blame the German people for the Nazis, or the American people for Bush, or the Russian people for the Soviet Empire. They may be culpable in part due to their docility and ignorance but they’re not the players. The world domination bent, Zionist Empire is not about Jews per se. These psychopaths hide among their Jewish brethren and then claim anti-Semitism when you point out their bloody antics. They are the ones who refused Red Cross aid for the Jews in the camps in order to increase their suffering.

Seven hundred thousand Palestinians were driven off of their land into increasingly smaller ghettos and are there being exterminated daily and are daily beset with horrors of basic survival that you have no idea of.

Israel is once again getting ready to kill the Lebanese to get their hands on the Litani River water. We flat out know that they caused the invasion of Afghanistan through the 9/11 false flag and instigated the Iraq War; this isn’t debatable. They are now ceaselessly beating the drum against Iran and threatening Syria and Lebanon. No one is doing anything to them except occupying land and water that they want. A handful of toy rockets into Sderot (of questionable origin) are not provocation enough for all the murder that they perform every day. It doesn’t justify using Palestinian children for target practice, or denying them basic medical care, starving the populace and locking up their democratically elected leadership. In any case, Palestinians have a basic human right to fight for the land which was stolen from them.

You see why writing this blog isn’t fun? Telling the truth; which anyone who wants to know the truth can see right in front of their eyes or achieve through some basic research, is not fun, nor is it profitable. It goes against the grain of hegemonic interests and it interferes with the profit margin; well, let’s face it, so few people are interested in the truth that I doubt it causes much distress to the markets and the banks.

I guess I’ll go on saying these things because, for some reason, all of these, so-called, liberal bloggers and investigative reporters and fearless proponents of the good of the people; all these truth-seekers and truth-tellers can’t seem to find the truth. It’s right there in front of them but... they can’t see it.

It gets so heavy having to repeat what seems obvious to me and watch the parade of lies and the resulting torment and bloodshed that attends it. I don’t want to come to the conclusions that I come to. If someone can show me how two and two doesn’t make four and how what actually is isn’t then I guess it would be easier for me. I don’t expect any help in that regard any time soon. I think it comes down to how much shit you will eat in order to get by and whether you don’t mind being a liar who is praised for telling the truth.

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