Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sailing on The Blood Money River.

Bon giorno good readers and friends; it’s another day in the Empire. Money and blood are flowing in twin rivers, turning into each other and then turning back into themselves. Blood is flowing out of your body and into the banking system. Money is flowing out of the banking system and turning into blood. It may well be a perpetual motion machine.

Before I try to figure out what it is I’m going to say; what the subject will be and where it’s going to go I want to thank Michael Rivero for having me on his What Really Happened Radio Show yesterday and to provide you with the link for listening to it if you are so inclined. I’ve gotten many emails about the show from people who listened and even more from people who didn’t get to listen or only heard part of it so... there it is and now we’ll return to our Hobie Cat and continue our sail on Blood Money River.

It’s difficult for me to be as precise as I would like to be because I don’t have any sources at the NSA and none of the flies on the wall are fixed up with transmitters to feed into my listening devices. So... I have to ponder and speculate and imagine.

There are two things that keep popping up in my mind and I’m thinking that maybe they are connected somehow and maybe I should talk about them and it could help me to understand them better or someone out there might have some ideas about what it all means.

I keep thinking about PNAC and the serendipity of 9/11; how one flowed into the other on the Blood Money River and then traveled in the ocean currents over to Afghanistan and then into Iraq. I think about the conditions on the Turkish and Pakistani borders and how Iran is snuggled up in the center of it all. You throw in Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan and a couple of bodies of water and you have the boundaries of this country. There it sits.

I may be going out on a limb here but it seems to me that the main goal of the neo-con psychopaths in PNAC was and is Iran. Now it goes without saying that PNAC is dominated by dual national, Israeli/Americans and that the whole putsch of the organization is to benefit the interests of Israel. Somehow this little- made up out of false rhetoric and historical fantasies- country, which didn’t exist until 60 years ago has become the most powerful and problematic nation on Earth. Power on Earth comes from money. There’s no two ways about it. You could say that it comes from armies but you don’t get armies without money, ergo...

Where does money come from? It comes from banks. Banks are where money comes from and banks turn money into a blood river that flows around the world changing into money and back into blood and back into money. You can learn all about the blood money exchange if you’re of a scholarly bent or, if you are one of those people that likes to watch then here’s three and a half hours of it. You’ll know all you need to know once you’ve taken the time to learn; which is always a big part of understanding something and, let’s face it... we’re all sailing on The Blood Money River one way or another and it doesn’t hurt to have some charts.

Of course... if you just would rather be uninformed you can just keep drifting with the currents on The Blood Money River and see where it takes you.

When you look at all of the trouble that the low to the ground, blood-sucking, shit weasels at PNAC have been to; bringing down the towers at the World Trade Center and decimating Afghanistan and Iraq as well; reeling in the opium drug-blood money as well as their corporate connections to the war supply profit machine it would be foolish to assume they are not going to go after Iran.

My good friend Paola over at does not agree with me and has got precise arguments concerning it. I want to believe but... once again... all that trouble they went to... Iran is the ultimate prize in the chess game which is really about Russia and China when you look deeper and... I just don’t know. Whatever does happen, you can count on a false flag event that will conveniently track back to Iran. There’s a good chance they will try to kill The Pope because THAT would put all the pieces where they want them.

People don’t realize that Iran would have long ago been bombed flat by the US and certainly by Israel except for Russia... that’s a big consideration that no one is talking about.

The other thing that keeps coming up in my mind is... all over the world, many of the people and all of the governments know that 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA hit. It’s known. And an interesting thing is happening with what looks like the formation of a UN investigative agency to look into the role of the American neo-cons in what happened on 9/11. But... how come, for so long... so many people have kept their mouths shut? How come, with all this threatening of Iran... how come Ahmadinejad does not take himself before the world and lay out what is threatening his country and ask for help? Why doesn’t he talk about his people and their dreams and a desire to live in peace and directly address the lies? I’m having a hard time saying what I want to say... Where are the passionate voices of powerful individuals who should be standing before cameras and writing for newspapers and saying what needs to be said? Why is there no grouping of good guys, in a position to do something, traveling the world and speaking out on behalf of the world in the face of this terrible monster who wants to swallow civilization and drown it in a Blood Money River that will have neither blood nor money if it destroys the thing it is feeding on?

We know that all mass media is in the hands of this monster. But if enough powerful individuals started traveling from town to town and talking about what they know and what they suspect... if they started operating pro-actively like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, the world would notice. Where is the man with the stature of a Jimmy Carter, or the woman of noble character whose job is to call upon all of the good and decent people in positions of power (if there are any) and demand that they come forward and join together for the good of the human race and who have the courage to shame those who will not come forward?

I suspect that there are people coming forward but we don’t hear about it... but we do hear about it so... where is the mind that can comprehend the simple answer to a complex problem? Leaders from around the world in every field of human endeavor must join together... must stand up and say to America and Israel, to the bankers and the corporations that this madness must stop. Let them stop traffic on 5th Avenue. Let them throw bloodstained dollars down on to the floor of the stock exchange. Let them dress up in George Bush and Dick Cheney masks and chant, “I am a murder, a liar and a fool!” Let us make a spectacle. Let us use irony and comedy about that which is not funny. Let those who have the power stand before the police and the cameras and demand that these jackals be driven from the halls of power. Let the truckers stall their vehicles on the highway. Let the conductors refuse to drive the trains. Let the pilot refuse to fly and we shall see what will happen. You know what will happen. A revolution does not have to be bloody but it must be a revolution.

Someone in congress needs to stand up and accuse Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the sold out whores who are selling out their country. This isn’t a government. This is a crime syndicate. It is past time to act. We see now how insidious and pervasive is the power to control the flow of information. We see now why unscrupulous individuals have seized control of it. It’s time to do something about the blood money river. It’s time for the whole world to stand up and say that they ‘ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s Farm no more.”

I’m tired of sailing on The Blood Money River. I can see where it goes. I can see where it drains. It drains into The Ocean of Human Tears.

(What more can I say?)
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