Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Clown Prince of Satanism and his Fellows in Arms

From the screaming loons at the Palm Beach election center to the bloodbath in Gaza, from the shores of Montezuma to David Motari’s puppy tossing, it’s been a hard Se7en years. I can honestly say that I saw it coming. I saw Mr. Executioner demagoging out of Texas and I looked at the source of the money behind him and I said to myself, “Bush... head for the mountains.” And metaphorically speaking, that is what happened.

In this world, it’s possible to put the blame where you like. Depending on who is controlling the flow of information... so goes public perception. I always blame the people in charge. They are in charge to be aware of and control conditions for the benefit of whomever they serve, or- as the case may be... themselves.

You’d have to say it’s been a drama but it’s also been a comedy; Bush and his malapropisms; Bush and the Segeway, Bush and 9/11, Bush and the economy, Bush and the war on terror and of course Bush and Cheney. Bush spent his time somewhere between Charlie Chaplin and Adolph Hitler, without the dexterity of the former or the Christian charity of the latter. He has been the ultimate killer clown, running around in a blood-stained polka-dot outfit with a seltzer bottle in his hand. He’s been John Wayne Gacy ass-raping an entire nation and probably thinking it’s all been ‘Bad Jack’ who did these things or that mind projection guy in “The Dark Half”

However, I suspect that just like David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch and Skull Olmert; just like the neo-cons and disinfo agents and the whole circus of political, economic and religious psychopaths that he knows full well what he’s done and it makes him hard thinking about it. It is probably the only thing besides James Gannon that does make him hard.

He’s not done yet. He and the people with their hands up his ass, who make him walk and talk, are not done yet. I’ve tried to imagine if there was something that he didn’t screw up; that they didn’t screw up. They went into every theater of human operation and poured treacle into the gears and Karo into the gas tanks. Why? That’s the big question. Why take the most prosperous nation on Earth and launch a terror attack on it; destroy its economy, engage in pointless wars, cause the murder of over a million people and the displacement of millions more... why?

What kind of sense does the Katrina non-response make? I always ask myself these two questions. Who benefits and what do they intend? It looks like population control to me. It looks like someone intends to severely thin the human herd and put tighter controls on those who remain. I’ve looked at it from a lot of angles and I don’t see where anything else makes any sense.

Yes... of course they want to get richer and more powerful but whoever the prevailing psychopaths have been that’s always been a part of the focus. This time it looks like something more. This time it looks like they want to destroy the qualities in humanity that make us human. I always looked a little askance at David Icke’s shape shifting reptiles but the more you think about it, it makes sense that this is just the sort of thing reptiles would do.

There isn’t any Al Qaeda in the sense we are given to understand it and everyone who keeps throwing the name around, from the ‘unnamed government sources’ to General Petraeus knows this. Neither they nor Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11 and the people who committed the attack and who are the same people always mentioning Al Qaeda know this too. Afghanistan was invaded to reactivate the opium industry and for general geo-political advantage. Iraq happened to be on the other side of Iran so they got invaded too. Basically, certain big time pirates and cut-throats don’t want the people of the region having any say about their resources. They don’t want the wrong people getting paid for the resources and using the money to improve their lot. They don’t want freedom or democracy under any circumstances; in the Middle East or in America. It’s just business, nothing personal.

The intention of Bush and Co... or BushCo... or Deathco... Globoctopus or The Beast from Revelations, whatever you want to call it... the intention is a permanent underclass and unending conflict between nations, races and religions from which they profit. Whether these men and women meet in underground tabernacles and drink the blood of a virgin kid; whether they swear an oath of allegiance to Satan or engage in wild bacchanals and mad outbursts of demonic glossolalia is immaterial, they are Satanists none the less. To paraphrase Shakespeare, “shit by any other name would smell as foul.” I submit however that Bush and the Bush family are practicing Satanists. There is just too much evidence and God help so many small children if some of the rumors about Bush Sr. are true. We know they are true of many in high places.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Will those vetted by those at the top to replace them suddenly undergo a spiritual experience and usher in a new world of brotherhood and understanding? Does a bear shit in The Vatican? Can pigs fly?

It is impossible for those who are running for high office not to know what’s going on. If they don’t know then they are too stupid to hold any office. Given that they do know and cannot speak about it is something I can understand. Given that they do know and come into a position of power to do something about it... and do nothing tells us all we need to know about them. You either serve the people who are under the illusion that they elected you or you serve the money men who put you in office. How many exceptions have any of you seen in times past?

When the people lose their moral compass it doesn’t mean somebody didn’t steal it. When the people lose their basic integrity then they get a government that mirrors this. In the history of the United States there has never been a more incompetent and blood-thirsty ghoul than George W. Bush. It’s not an accident that Bill Clinton can get chummy with him on his way out of the White House. It’s not an accident that he’s hanging out with Bush Sr. Each head waves on a different tentacle connected to the same body.

This is the world and the nature of the world is that those who have too much will never be satisfied no matter how much is added to it. It the nature of a fire to eat whatever you give it forever. At no time does a fire say, “Thanks, I’ve had enough for the moment.” That’s the nature of fire. Good and evil are always around and often change places depending on who is doing the identifying. The key is balance.

The rich cannot get too rich and the poor cannot get too poor. There has to be balance. Fundamentalism cannot be allowed to rule unopposed because it will create Hell on Earth. Total license cannot be allowed to predominate because it will create Hell on Earth. The best government is a government that is aware of balance. The tax structure should reflect this. The men fighting wars should be from all classes and war should be a last resort. Higher education should be in the reach of all. Health care should be no respecter of person. There’s more but these are some of the realities that good government will address. Good government does not put the foxes in charge of security at the hen house. Good government does not let business set policy. That is the very definition of fascism.

Sometimes balance has to be restored and when the people have no leaders then the people must lead. Let us not forget March 19th and what it implies. Your leaders and those who would be your leaders are almost exclusively whores and thieves. A message must be sent and balance must be restored. The right people should be put in jail and a great many others released. You must hold these bloodthirsty entities to account or you are complicit in their actions and worse... those actions will continue, first on others and then on you.

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