Sunday, March 16, 2008

Breakdancing Drunks on the Edge of a Cliff

Looking behind the news... or deeper into the news, as you prefer, it starts to look like a video of extreme skateboarders and off road bikers on cheap wine and PCP. Sometimes it looks like an army of crazed suits, chasing gold dust in a windstorm across the desert of the Sierra Madre. In the meantime, entire nations are displaced or forced behind high walls and razor wire and used for target practice. At the same time we are treated to endless details of the vainest and emptiest lives anyone can imagine.

When you really look at it, really look at it, it is madness at all levels. It is mad to engage in it. It is madness to be entertained by it. It is madness to go whistling past it when there is no end to it. Between derivatives and the sub-prime swamp, between the casual mass murders and increasing police presence, between the confusion and the chaos there is no hiding place. Everything touches everything. Everything depends on everything. Everything is changed and reformed into ever increasing degrees of bat shit gone wild.

How can these things be? Where and when did it start and how can it end in anything but greater tragedy? The imperative of the marketplace is survival and profit by any means necessary. The laws that regulate their action are changed to accommodate it as the need may be. Regardless of what we can see on the surface the actual situation is much worse. A financial and political crisis looms on the horizon and in the meantime... in the meantime? Grab everything you can. Kill anyone who gets in your way. There are no rules. They say there are rules. There are supposed to be rules but there are no rules.

The most important feature in the mix is that it has all been arranged to bring us to this point. Why... why would anyone want to do that? What possible reason could there be to disrupt all harmony and balance with the intent to bring about global financial ruin and social instability? Why manufacture tension and fear? That it is happening is not in doubt so the next step is to ask who and why.

It has been admitted by representatives of the C.I.A. that there is no Al Qaeda. Yet we see Al Qaeda everywhere. It is a giant game of Wack a Mole with no moles. We know that Saddam had nothing to do with Al Qaeda and yet William Kristol and his psychopathic neo-con associates continue to insist, without respite, that Saddam was involved with Al Qaeda which, doesn’t exist. Is this madness? Yes. So why is this? It is to increase tension, fear and confusion due to an enemy that cannot be found because there is no such enemy.

There is no longer any question that the 911 attacks were designed to facilitate aggressive reactions toward this same enemy that no one can find and which has made it possible to label anyone anywhere as a member of this organization that doesn’t exist. It is now clear the attack in London was of the same type as the attack on 911. It is a known fact that the same security company was in charge of all the 9/11 airports, the London Tube and the Madrid train station. This is fact. There is no arguing with it and yet... so what?

It is beyond dispute, except by the ignorant and the insane, that step by step a progression of events are being orchestrated and carried out in order to bring us to some point up ahead. Someone is doing this. Unlike Al Qaeda, whose only job seems to be to appear and disappear at will; while never existing in the first place, the people involved in these bedeviling assaults are quite real. It is patently obvious that the media is a tool of these people. It is patently obvious that they can cause prices to go up and down, cause money to lose its value, cause food prices to increase. It is beyond question that the government of the United States and other governments are in the employ of these people because they carry out the policies that have led us to the conditions that we are in.

Let’s think about it for a moment. Does it look to you as if these people intend to usher in an age of brotherhood and prosperity? Does this seem to be their intent? No, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Does it look as if their intention is to protect us from an enemy who is in any position to do much of anything to anyone? No... that’s not the case because they have had to fabricate the enemy that they are protecting us against.

I am not a financial wizard. You don’t have to be a financial wizard to understand that whatever is happening is happening because either there are no rules or the rules are not being enforced. It seems logical that, if you want to understand a problem you have to go to the source, if you can find it. The source of money is banks. Supposedly banks have money and the rules concerning the operation and regulation of money are controlled by the governments. Or... do the banks control the governments that make the rules that control the banks? Or...

Can we say that the people are responsible for the problems that we have? That doesn’t seem likely because the people are in no position to make policy. It could be argued that they elect their leaders but... it appears that is not the case anymore either, if it ever was. It certainly was not the case in America in the last two presidential elections.

I can come up with some obvious names of people and institutions that have to be responsible for what is happening. Of course, the government of the United States and England are in tandem on a number of levels. Rupert Murdoch and the heads of all other media empires are certainly involved. The heads of major corporations are certainly involved. Both houses of congress in the United States are certainly involved and both political parties are certainly involved. The Federal Reserve is certainly involved and Israel with her many lobbies and spy operations, exerts enormous influence on all of these bodies.

Ask yourself whether Iran or Syria or Lebanon have attacked anyone recently. It appears they haven’t attacked anyone in recent memory. Okay, we know there is no Al Qaeda so they couldn’t have attacked anyone. Is Russia or China attacking anyone? China is crushing Tibet but Tibet isn’t autonomous anyway. So, which countries are routinely attacking other countries? That wasn’t hard was it?

Go to any major news site and look at the news. There isn’t any news, not really. They are just whistling by the wreckage. Yet there is, in fact, huge and disturbing news but it isn’t important. Bear Stearns, Carlyle Group, the sub-prime disaster, the falling dollar, the rising food and energy costs... there doesn’t seem to be any urgency and though there are obvious corrective measures available they aren’t being implemented. Everything is just going on and going on and getting worse. There has to be a reason.

I don’t see how the quality of life has been improved by the actions of those responsible for seeking and maintaining it. People who should be gifted and informed and reasonable are behaving like deranged psychotics. Some few are scrambling to gain control of everything and there is no question of them stopping until they have the last coin from the last pocket on Earth.

Meanwhile it just goes on, day after day. Our main weapon, we, the few, the sane... our main weapon seems to be the internet and our numbers. Unless we keep the information flowing and with our superior numbers work together to shut down the machine we will be shredded by the rotating teeth. March 19th approaches. Step away from the madness and do the only sane thing that is possible. Unite and set in motion our great power to starve the machine. We can make the machine stop. We can bring it to a halt. First a day, then a week, then a month; it is in your hands.

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