Monday, August 7, 2006

Deep Water Wolves in Shark Skin Suits.

I feel compelled to very specifically state why I am opposed to Zionism. I feel I should also mention I am equally opposed to Wahabi Islam and all applications of Sharia. It would be remiss of me not to add that I have a corresponding dislike for Christian Fundamentalism as well. I think the point you can take from this is that I’m not dining with the Luddites of any branch or stripe.

You’ll hear more about Zionism here than you will about the others because Zionism is a more pervasive threat with wider reaching tentacles. Zionism is the Kraken of deep water intrigue.

It’s ironic that the main weapon of Zionism; the club of anti-Semitism, is wielded against those who don’t believe they’re just regular folks like us and that they don’t control the press or exert such enormous influence on world governments that they can do whatever they please, including being caught spying on friendly nations and then receive apologies for being caught. As often as we see the wide power of Zionism at work in every area of world affairs we are assured that what we see is bullshit. After all; “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

The uproar and outrage about the Mearsheimer and Walt report is a classic example of Zionistas having enormous power to deny that they have any power. I’m not sure if we’re in Oceania or Eastasia anymore. Yesterday I learned that, under pressure from Israel, India closed down all of its Arab TV channels. Yowsah!

Everywhere in the mainstream media you read that Hizbollah went into Israel to capture their soldiers. The actual truth is that the Israeli soldiers went into Lebanon. Everywhere you are given the impression that Israel attacked Lebanon because of this event when the truth shows that they had planned this incursion long before; were all ready to go and went. Everywhere you hear one thing and then the truth reveals another.

Israel was caught red-handed in the AIPAC spying scandal via Richard Perle’s buttboy, (“1970 While working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Richard Perle is caught by the FBI giving classified information to Israel. Nothing is done.”) Larry Franklin. You can get a list of some of the major ‘known’ Israeli spying activities against friendly nations here-

Spy Me a River

The more you look at the actions of Israel in the world theater, from South Africa to New Zealand. The more you hear about mysterious moving companies and Dancing Israelis

Raise Your Hands!

the more you study PNAC and Odigo and 9/11 stock activity and Larry Silverman and WTC7 and the architects of foreign policy in the Bush Administration and roving hordes of Israeli art students and throw in a little cui bono along with hundreds of incidents I haven’t listed but which you could find in a cross referencing Google-fest that might take you your next 10,000 lifetimes well... ah well.

The more you look at the plight of the Palestinians and the indifference of world powers to that sad, stinking mess of apartheid and cold blooded murder; they caught a couple of guys in Phoenix the other day who were shooting people at random and I guess they arrested them. But IDF soldiers can routinely do this with Palestinian school children and count on exoneration after the fact; even if they casually walk across the way to a little girl that they shot and then empty the clip into her body; a real event oft repeated.

I object to these things. If Israeli Zionists would stop doing these things I would stop objecting.

Now, you might ask me, “Visible, aren’t there other bad guys and girls in the world?” Thank you, I’ll take that question. Yes, there are. There’s Bush and Cheney’s buddy in Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov. “And aren’t there other countries that do bad things, Mr. Visible?” Yes, China raped Tibet and is looking to do the same to Nepal. The British and many others have distinguished themselves at bad behavior for centuries. America, in the grip of a fascist administration is right down there at the bottom of the hog wallow with the rest of the red-eyed pigs- but America goes back a long way too, across the corpses of the Native Americans and Africans and Chinese coolies and let’s not forget United Fruit. As a sage general once said; “every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.”

I’m about balance and fair play and from where I stand it looks, clear and crystal, that Israeli Zionist bully boys are controlling the American government and the world press. That should be obvious. Why it isn’t as obvious as it should be is because many people are cowards and a large portion of the rest are incurious and stupid cattle- much like America’s glorious leader.

Ahmadinejad said that “the Zionist Regime must be destroyed.” The next day the headlines screamed, “Ahmadinejad calls for the destruction of Israel.” This came from some flack in the French government. This is not what the man said. If the Zionists don’t control the world press then how come everything always tilts to their benefit? Chance? Coincidence? How come they are favorably portrayed no matter what they do and everyone else is unfavorably portrayed no matter what they do? It’s a mystery, that’s what it is.

There was a UN resolution that defined Zionism as racism. That ‘sweetheart of the rodeo’ and stanch defender of all that is good in the human heart, John Bolton managed to get that removed. In a way that’s good, because Zionism isn’t racism. Zionism is racism AND fascism AND chicken pox.

It’s not just Israel and it’s not just “the jooooo’s”, it’s a cabal of blood-sucking low to the ground weasels that feed on human misery and enrich themselves off of the suffering of others. They move among the schools of human fish like wolves in shark skin. They are a strange hybrid of genetic mutation; the heart of a pig, the eyes of a snake, the skin of a shark and the hunger of a wolf; yes, I demean these animals by comparison.

It’s willing hands and hearts at all levels who are motivated by self-interest to the detriment of everyone in their way. Some are phony Christians like Bush. Some are black like Rice. Some are Jewish, like Wolfowitz. They move in the human slipstream and when you call attention to them they define that as an attack upon all of the people of their race or creed. However, upon the world stage at this time, Israel and America and Britain are the worst of the lot because they are the most powerful of the lot. For the good of the human race, those who are at the reins of power must be reigned in. Israel can stay, Zionism must go. Democracy can remain; the neo-cons must go. England can stay, but the corporations and the bankers and Rupert Murdoch must be held to account.

It’s not about Jews, or blacks, or white men in suits or Arab terrorists- so defined. It’s about a collection of bad apples that would knit the world entire to their prison planet schemes. They hide in the protective coloration and then scream like the stuck pigs that they are when you reveal their intent. They call upon all the animals in the forest to witness the collective slander against them ‘all’. This slander is not collective, it’s specific and it ain’t slander. It’s the truth. It’s a sad commentary upon the peoples of this world that so few can recognize it and that even fewer have the sand to call it as it is.

Well people, they’re not just going to pack up their tents and go away; recent events in ‘world’ government policy following the neo-con orchestrated attack of 9/11 reveals their long range intent and it continues apace. Sooner or later you are going to have to deal with it. Live on your feet or bow down to the shadow.


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